Morgan Webster – Occupational Therapist

Morgan Webster – Occupational Therapist

Morgan has a Masters’ degree in Occupational Therapy and more than a decade’s experience as an OT. A long-standing member of the Kids First team and the busy mum of two active girls, she has a unique understanding of the challenges that many children and families face.

Throughout her career, Morgan has worked extensively in private practice preschool and school settings.  

In her role as a children’s OT, she supports kids aged 2 to 17 who need help to overcome functional, learning and behaviour challenges. She creates customised therapy programs that support children with gross motor and fine motor difficulties and also helps young people who have social and emotional regulation challenges so that they can successfully manage the demands of life at home as well the challenges they face in the classroom and playground.

Morgan helps children who struggle with handwriting and organisational skills, as well as those who need help to remember the concepts and information that is delivered by classroom teachers.

She is qualified to conduct the assessments required by students who apply for HSC Disability Provisions and also supports families who need accurate clinical information for inclusion in their child’s NDIS application.

While Morgan shows children how to improve their Visual Processing and Visual Memory so that learning is easier, she also supports parents and teachers with strategies to use at home and at school.

She also finds solutions for boys and girls who are still learning self-help and daily living skills such as toileting and sleeping.

In addition to her work with children who attend mainstream preschools and schools, Morgan is an important member of Kids First’s Early Intervention team that supports children with unique developmental and behavioural needs.

She has extensive training and experience assisting children who struggle with issues such as Sensory Processing difficulties, Autism and other special needs and provides sensitive occupational therapy that helps children to meet the goals that are important to them and their families.

Rebates for OT sessions with Morgan can be claimed through private health funds and Medicare.

Morgan is also provides occupational therapy to children who are eligible for self or plan-managed NDIS funding.

Morgan works at Kids First on Wednesdays and Thursdays and appointments with her can be made by calling (02) 9938 5419

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