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Ready, Set, School’ is about far more than teaching your child how to count and hold a pencil properly.

You might have noticed that your child will need extra support in making their transition to school. You may be worried they’ll fall behind, or that they’ll struggle with the big changes coming their way.

This program was developed by our team of psychologists, teachers, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists to provide a solution that prepares your child for the transition from all angles.

If they find it hard to focus on tasks, have trouble with their motor skills, or resist activities like colouring or drawing, our ‘Ready, Set, School’ program can be of huge benefit to them.

Get your child school ready in 5 weeks

Social Skills
Helping your child to understand turn-taking, cooperating and sharing with other children.
Learning Skills
Making following instructions, transitioning between activities, and completing tasks easier.
Pre-Literacy Skills
Teaching your child to recognise and use phonics, sounds, letters and words.
Communication Skills
Teaching your child how to listen to their teacher and communicate with other kids.
Fine Motor Skills
Helping your child with correct pencil grip, handwriting skills, and picking things up.
Pre-Numeracy Skills
Helping your child develop an understanding of problem solving and math concepts.

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The school readiness checklist.


See what our experienced team has to say about getting your child ready for their next school adventure with our school readiness checklist. Get your free copy today and prepare your child for what’s to come.

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