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READY SET SCHOOL is about far more than teaching your child how to count and hold a pencil properly.

You might have noticed that your son or daughter will need extra support in making their transition to school. You may be worried they’ll fall behind, or that they’ll struggle with the big changes coming their way.

If your child finds it hard to focus on tasks, resists activities like colouring or drawing, and is still learning about how to connect with other kids, READY SET SCHOOL offers the guidance, understanding, and encouragement needed to develop and practice these essential classroom and playground skills.

The key advantage of READY SET SCHOOL lies in the individual attention that your child will receive from Kids First’s paediatric professionals.

Developed by our team of psychologists, teachers, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists, READY SET SCHOOL is a 4-week small group program. It provides a supported environment that will prepare your child to make a successful transition from preschool to primary school.

Since 2007, our ‘whole child’ approach to school readiness has helped thousands of northern beaches children to make a smooth and confident start to Kindergarten. We’d love to support your child too, so contact us now.

Get your child school ready in 4 weeks

Social Skills
Ready Set School will help your child build friendship skills and understand how to take turns, cooperate and share with other children.
Learning Skills
Weekly small group sessions will show your child how to follow instructions, transition between activities, and develop the resilience to finish a task.
Pre-Literacy Skills
Fun activities that teach your child to recognise and use phonics, sounds, letters and words will prepare your child for a successful start to reading.
Communication Skills
Each week, your child will practice their speaking and listening skills while learning how to interact positively with peers and teachers.
Fine Motor Skills
Your child will build independence and self-care skills with support from experienced professionals who can help with practical skills like correct pencil grip and handwriting skills.
Pre-Numeracy Skills
Fun Ready Set School games will build your child's number recognition and correspondence counting skills, as well as an understanding of problem-solving and flexible thinking.

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