Getting your family through the storm.

Since 2007, we’ve enjoyed helping over 20,000 families just like yours to find hope, support, and a sense of belonging. At Kids First, our preschool programmes, individual therapy, and group sessions give children the encouragement they need to thrive and not just cope.

We’re here to help you see your path forward, no matter where you are in your journey. Kids First is where you’ll find acceptance, encouragement, and the answers you need to become a strong advocate for your child.

Our award-winning team includes child psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, early intervention specialists, and teachers who all operate under one roof. Our multidisciplinary facility has served as a beacon of light for families near and far from Sydney’s northern beaches.

Inclusive of every type of family and children of all abilities, you’ll never be judged at Kids First. We’re in this together.

Our mission

Our vocation
is to make a real, positive difference in the lives of children and families. We are dedicated to helping children to thrive and not just cope in their preschool playground, school classroom, home, and throughout their lives.
Our driving force
is to help you become a confident, informed champion for your child. Armed with our insights and practical solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy constructive relationships with your child’s teachers, carers, and doctors.
Our goal
is to make daily life less daunting and more manageable by giving you and your child the tools you need to face challenges head on.
Our core values
are care, kindness, compassion, and making a contribution.

Our story

Kid’s First was established by Sonja Walker in 2007. Sonja is not only a best-selling author, speaker, and teacher, she’s also a mother of a child with unique needs.

Sonja felt first-hand the judgement, isolation, and extreme worry associated with caring for a child who needed extra support. She found comfort in a local organisation who helped children with developmental and learning difficulties.

Unfortunately, in 2006, the service her family relied upon for 2 years lost its government funding. At the time, there was a significant lack of support services that could cater to her child’s unique needs in Sydney’s northern beaches.

Knowing she wasn’t alone in her struggles, Sonja took matters into her own hands.

She decided to develop the facilities, support network, and therapy options that families like her so desperately needed. In 2007, she gathered a team of passionate therapists and teachers who shared her vision and created Kids First Children’s Services.

Now, many years later, Kids First remains a safe haven for families in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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