About Kids First Children's Services

Welcome to Kids First Children’s Services, where our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families.

Who we are

We’re an award-winning team of psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers.

We’re known for giving kids (and their parents and teachers) the practical strategies they need to successfully navigate the ups and downs of preschool, school and life.


Our history

Teacher, best-selling author and speaker Sonja Walker created our multi-disciplinary health and education service in 2007.

As an experienced educator and the mum of a child with unique needs, Sonja has a deep understanding of how parents feel when they fear that their son or daughter is falling ‘under the radar’ at preschool or school.

Determined to create a ‘safety net’ for children of all ages and abilities, Sonja has gathered a team of experienced therapists and teachers who share her Core Values and vision for providing high quality continuity of care at Kids First.

Since Kids First’s early days, our reputation for excellence has been recognised through multiple awards programs and our involvement in a number of Australian Government initiatives, including the NDIS.

In the past 12 years, thousands of parents and teachers have benefited from our popular free Community Service Seminars, and tens of thousands more disadvantaged families have received life-saving help through our ‘Therapists-For-Good’ charitable giving.

And importantly, over 12,000 local families have brought their children to Kids First and trusted our therapists and teachers to help their children get the opportunities they deserve to live a happy, confident life.

Our core values

At Kids First, our core values are Care, Kindness, Compassion and Making a Contribution.

We believe that every child should be respected and valued for their gifts, and that every parent deserves to be an informed champion for their child.

We also believe in the power and importance of ‘giving back’.

Through our community outreach and daily ‘therapists-for-good’ initiatives, we share what we have with children, families and educators who need our help.

Find out more about ‘therapists-for-good’ here and our Community Service Seminars here

We’re different…

When you connect with Kids First, we willingly become part of your family’s support network.

Our innovative LE.A.R.N. approach acknowledges that you are the expert in  your child’s unique needs.

Through L.E.A.RN. we’ll work in active partnership with you, and working together, we’ll take  a ‘whole child’ approach to your child’s development.

Find out more about L.E.A.R.N. here.

We’re here to help

You won’t find another private practice that’s like Kids First Children’s Services.

Contact us today to find out why thousands of families have entrusted their children to our experienced professional care!