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If you’ve been referred to Kids First for a clinical assessment of your child’s academic, social, behavioural, or emotional functioning, your thoughts might be racing with worry and confusion. Our assessments can help you make informed choices for your child.

We know how frightening the unknown can be and that’s why we keep our assessments as positive and hassle-free as possible. Our therapists are respectful of your insights, and take the time to get a full picture of your child’s struggles before any testing begins.

Family doctors, paediatricians, teachers, school counsellors and families commonly refer children to Kids First’s child psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and dietitians for clinical assessments of kids’ academic, social, behavioural and emotional functioning.

Whether your doctor has requested an assessment as part of a diagnostic process, or a teacher has highlighted that your child’s behaviour, learning, or communication is different from their peers, we can help put your mind at ease.

We also provide assessments for teachers who need to demonstrate your child’s eligibility for academic enrichment or learning programs, applications to the NDIS, and for examination Disability Provisions.

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Assessments at Kids First

Cognitive assessments

A cognitive assessment explores what your child’s learning ability is to help you equip them with the right supports and teachers for their needs.

Our experienced psychologists will take the time to get to know your child and talk to you and their teachers to get a clear picture of their overall ability.

With our help, you’ll have a better idea of what your child’s needs are and what support and resources can help them reach their potential.

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Dyslexia assessments

Does your child find reading and writing a struggle? Do words and letters get mixed up on the page?

If so, we can help you evaluate whether they are dealing with dyslexia by assessing your child’s reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

We’ll then provide you and your child’s teacher with the information you need to make learning and reading easier.

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ADHD Assessments

If your child finds it hard to concentrate, remember instructions, or has impulsive behavior, they might be dealing with ADHD.

Find out for certain whether this is an issue for your child with a comprehensive evaluation by our trusted psychologists.

We’ll perform detailed observations and give you a sense of direction and guidance as to what to do next.

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Speech, Language, & Literacy Assessments

Speech assessments are important for families who need more information on what exactly is causing their child’s issue and how to improve it.

If your child has a speech impediment, communication difficulties due to a medical condition, or problems with reading and writing, our assessments can help to monitor their progress.

Our assessments help children get the vital support they need from doctors, their caregivers, teachers, and families.

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Handwriting & fine motor skills

A fine motor skills assessment might be appropriate for your child if they’ve experienced issues with coordination and self-care tasks.

We can help support students who require clinical assessments for exams, and doctors with making a formal diagnosis.

More importantly, we provide families with answers to the cause of their child’s difficulties and therapies that can help.

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Our process

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Give us a call. We’ll explain how our assessment program works and book a time for you to meet a member of our experienced team.

Get together as Grown-Ups

Make an informed choice. Before any testing begins, meet with one of our clinicians to privately discuss your child’s individual needs.

Testing should not be a Trial

Experience a warm Kids First welcome. Your child’s skills will be evaluated in a comfortable, inviting environment using gold-standard testing protocols.

Results and Recommendations

Be equipped and empowered. Our comprehensive written assessment report will help you (and your child’s teachers and doctors) to identify what help is needed and where your son or daughter’s strengths and challenges lie.

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