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Kids First’s experienced psychologists have been counselling children and families in Sydney’s northern beaches since 2007.

If you’re concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing, difficulties making friends, or intense behaviour, they could hugely benefit from meeting with one of our experienced child psychologists.

The big emotions that your child might be experiencing as they navigate life’s ups and downs can hugely impact their day-to-day life. They might act out, isolate, or find it hard to complete simple tasks if their mental health is suffering.

Our child psychologists have supported hundreds of children and families just like yours and we are here to help.

Sometimes, it’s best to get guidance from a professional and talk it out! We can give you and your family practical solutions that get you through immediate roadblocks, increase confidence and build emotional stability.

You don’t need to deal with life’s challenges on your own, we can offer attentive professional care for the big and little worries in your child’s life.

Our child & family therapy


Cool Kids groups
For 8-12 year olds.
Helping your child deal with anxiety issues in a weekly small group setting. Here, they can learn skills that can increase their enjoyment of home and school life.
Social Skills groups
For 4-12 year olds.
Giving kids with unique needs the opportunity to improve their social skills, make friends, and navigate playground politics by learning to compromise, and manage conflict.
Individual & family
Providing compassionate one on one sessions for children facing a wide range of difficulties. We also support parents and carers with practical advice and commonsense family counselling.

Helping your son or daughter
with issues like:

Anxiety & depression
We help your child explore, understand, and manage complex and heavy emotions to help them move forward.
Dealing with loss is a journey nobody should go through alone. We can help your child to cope with practical solutions.
Bullying & friendship problems
If your child is a victim of bullying, exclusion, or finds it difficult to make friends, our individual therapy and social group programmes can help.
Family conflict
Our therapy sessions help the entire family to navigate tough times, resolve conflict, and strengthen their bonds.
Learning difficulties & disabilities
Children with additional needs often face unique emotional and psychological difficulties that can be tackled with ongoing therapy.
Behaviour and Anger management
Does your child have explosive behaviour or struggle to keep their emotions under control? We work with your child to help them stay calm and self-soothe.

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For children of separated or divorced parents, we require signed Parent Consent from both parents before psychological or counselling therapy can begin. Unfortunately, we are unable to work with families planning on starting, or in the middle of, Family Court proceedings.

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