Occupational Therapy

Kids First’s experienced Occupational Therapists have been helping children in Sydney’s northern beaches overcome motor development and sensory issues since 2007.

Improved behaviour, learning and self-esteem are just some of the Occupational Therapy benefits your child could gain from fun sessions in our purpose-built OT gyms.

Does your child need help with:

 ♦ Fine motor skills, so that tasks like handwriting and cutting are easier

 ♦ Gross motor skills, so that activities involving balance or sport can be enjoyed

 ♦ Attention and concentration, so that learning is less challenging

 ♦ Social skills and emotional regulation, so that making friends is easier

 ♦ Self-organisation, so that daily planning and sequencing tasks are less stressful

 ♦ Self-care skills, so that activities like toileting and eating are more successful

 ♦ Managing behaviours, associated with Autism, ADHD and other special needs

 ♦ Fussy eating or feeding problems, that cause conflict and concern for your child’s health

What to e
xpect: Occupational therapy at Kids First

At Kids First, you will meet experienced, fun and knowledgeable occupational therapists who have been working exclusively with children for many years.

They will discover what is holding your child back and find solutions to your child’s motor coordination or sensory processing problems.

Occupational Therapy will be even more effective if you’re learning too, as well as your child.

That’s why we invite you to be part of your child’s OT sessions.

We want you to share in your child’s success, learn how you can help your child 24/7 and be an informed and empowered advocate for your child at home, preschool and school

An added benefit is that your involvement will make your child’s occupational therapy quicker, more successful and more affordable.

Together, we can help your child’s skills and confidence to improve!

It is never too early to seek advice…so call us to chat about your child’s needs on (02) 9938 5419

Free Occupational Therapy Fact Sheet

Click below to download your copy of our free fact sheet – How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting