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Poor coordination, sensory issues, difficulty playing with toys or other kids, not being able to participate in what other kids are doing…as a parent or caregiver, these are all heartbreaking things to see your child go through.

Maybe you’ve tried helping your child at home or spoken to their teacher, but the problem persists. You’re tired of seeing them left out. Whether they’ve been given a diagnosis, or you’re not sure what’s wrong, we can show you what your options are and give you a plan of action.

Kids First’s experienced Occupational Therapists have been helping children in Sydney’s northern beaches overcome motor development and sensory issues since 2007.

At Kids First, you will meet experienced, fun and knowledgeable occupational therapists who have been working exclusively with children for many years.

Occupational therapy doesn’t just help fine motor skills like writing and holding objects. It helps children participate fully in daily life, learning, and play. Your child can gain more independence in our amazing sensory rooms, gyms, and social groups working with our experienced therapists. We’ll also equip you with the training and guidance you need to continue their therapy at home and in school.

Occupational therapy can

build your child’s:

Our occupational therapists can help your child engage with activities that matter to them. Whether that’s playing with others, getting dressed, or exercising.
We empower your child to overcome physical and mental hurdles, they’ll grow in confidence everyday as their skills improve and daily life gets easier.
Emotional control
If your child finds intense feelings difficult to deal with, occupational therapy can help them to understand, manage, and overcome strong emotions.

Our experienced therapists focus on

Gross & fine motor skills
Helping your child to follow instructions, understand and answer questions, and comprehend others.
Attention and concentration
Improving your child’s reading and writing capabilities to support them in school and life.
Social skills and emotional regulation
Dealing with mispronunciation with practical, fun training with speech sounds. Therapy and social group programs can help.
Self-care & organization skills
Developing your child’s expressive language skills through ongoing, interactive sessions. Strengthen their bonds.
Behavioural issues
Expanding your child’s vocabulary to help them express themselves and understand others better.

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