School Holiday Workshops – Ready, Set, School

    This January, help your child make a confident start to Kindergarten! Ready Set School combines the expertise of Kids First’s psychologists, teachers, speech pathologists and occupational therapists with the experience of best-selling author of SCHOOL READY: A practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids, Sonja Walker. Give your son or daughter […]

What to do if your child is afraid of Santa

  For most children, having a photo taken with Santa is all part of Christmas holiday fun. However, some young children find this outing to be a frightening experience. Robyn Fallshaw, psychologist, explains why it’s not uncommon for young children to be scared of Santa…. “Children’s natural sense of self-preservation often kicks in when they are […]

Brando – Therapy Dog

Brando – Therapy Dog

  Brando is the canine companion of Kids First psychologist, Lincoln Comans. As cute and friendly as he looks, Brando also plays an important clinical role because his ‘boss’, Lincoln, has extensive training in Animal Assisted Intervention therapies for kids. Brando helps children to build trust, self-esteem and the courage to talk about tough topics. He […]

Lincoln Comans – Psychologist

Lincoln Comans – Psychologist

  Lincoln has supported hundreds of children during his career and his work as a school counsellor in primary and high schools uniquely positions him to provide advice and guidance to families about children’s learning and behaviour. Lincoln is well-known for his innovative use of Animal Assisted Interventions and his trusty companion, Brando the Therapy […]

School readiness tip: Tell teachers what they need to know

  The line between your family’s privacy and the things schools need to know can sometimes be a fine one. Social stigma is a terrible thing, and if you and your child have been on the receiving end of others’ harsh judgements in the past, it’s understandable that trusting strangers with intensely personal information about […]

Orientation days: School readiness essentials for kids and parents

  Starting school is a big step for all children and their families. While some confident boys and girls take change in their stride, sensitive kids need all the help they can get. That’s why attending orientation days is very important and I encourage you to make them a priority in your calendar if your […]

W sitting: Why you need to get your child out of this habit now

  Lots of kids sit on their bottom with their legs splayed on either side of them. This is often called ‘W sitting’ and while you might think that your flexible son or daughter is very clever, their sitting position is actually not very good for them at all, as Kids First’s occupational therapists explain […]

School readiness: Voices your child needs to hear

At preschool, your child probably has one teacher and a couple of other staff that they knew well. In early childhood education settings, children’s daily routine is very structured, and your child has comforting routines that are predictable and certain. Next year, your child’s classroom will probably have strong routines too, but they will not […]