4 things to do when your child has a fight with a friend

  Ever heard the saying ‘we have friends for reasons and friends for seasons?’ This might sound completely rational for a grown adult whose friendship with another person might have recently cooled, but for kids, losing a friend can cause anxiety and distress. Childhood friendships fracture for many reasons, but when they do, children with […]

Sensitive kids: How to have a successful parent-teacher meeting

I once taught a student whose anxious mum was always keen to speak with me. I understood that her earnest pursuit of my attention was simply an attempt to ensure the best for her sensitive only child and did my best to respond positively to her frequent emails, phone calls and unannounced after class visits. […]

Kate Caldecott-Davis – Consultant Psychologist

Kate Caldecott-Davis – Consultant Psychologist

Kate is a warm and empathic child and adolescent psychologist with vast experience working within NSW Department of Education, Catholic and Independent school systems, early childhood, and private practice settings. Kate is also a PsyBa-Accredited Supervisor. In addition to her qualifications and experience as a child psychologist, Kate is an accredited teacher with the NSW […]

Natalie Martin – Occupational Therapist

Natalie Martin – Occupational Therapist

Natalie Martin is an experienced paediatric occupational therapist who is a member of the multi-disciplinary children's health team at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches

Renee Eyre – Psychologist

Renee Eyre – Psychologist

Renee Eyre is an experienced child psychologist who works at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches

End of the year survival guide for time-poor parents

After a BIG year, the run up to December holidays can be exhausting for children, families and hard-working teachers. When everyone is tired, the last weeks of preschool and school can be tricky. With routines out of kilter, exciting extra outings and a seemingly urgent need to catch up with everyone you know before 25 […]

School cut off dates: When can my child start school?

Preview(opens in a new tab) One of the trickiest thing about starting school in Australia is that every state seems to do it differently! Instead of all children starting school when they are of a similar age, each state has its own set of rules about the age at which children can start school. And […]

Educational games and toys for kids on a rainy day

Being stuck inside because of wet winter weather is a challenge for active, curious kids. So what educational games and toys will keep your kids engaged and entertained when they can’t go outside this winter? Kids First Children’s Services founder and teacher, Sonja Walker, gives her top tips… While computer games, Netflix, iPads and DVDs […]