Literacy Readiness for Kindergarten

  It’s an exciting time. Your child is growing up and will soon be entering kindergarten. You are looking forward to watching them learn, but you have a little trepidation. You wonder if they have all the skills they need to be successful beginning readers. Is there anything that you can do to help them succeed? Yes! […]

Top tips for your child’s first day at school

  The first day of school is one that you and your child have possibly been looking forward to for a long time. But starting school isn’t always as easy as it may seem, so here are some top tips from teachers to help you and your child make a happy and memorable start to […]

9 easy ways to get your child ready for Kindergarten

  School readiness skills are important for all four and five year olds. Some children take time to learn routines. When your child knows what to expect, he or she will have confidence, feel more independent and the transition into a new environment will be easier for everyone. What to do Over the Holidays Getting […]

School Readiness: Which months are most important for your preschooler?

  As any preschool teacher or early educator will tell you, the end of the year is a busy time for the families of 4 and 5 year olds. If your child is going to school next year, October to January is full of all kinds of school readiness activities. You’re heading off to orientation […]

Kids with ADHD: How Occupational Therapy can help

  Do you have a child you know is bright, yet he or she can’t seem to pay attention long enough in school to excel? Do teachers tell you your child is not completing homework assignments, is making careless mistakes, or acts impulsively in the classroom? At home, is your child extremely fidgety and rarely […]

10 Benefits of Having a Maths Tutor for Your Child

  Whether your child likes Maths or not, Maths is part of their life at school and in the world outside it. Experts explain how improved marks are not the only benefits that your child can gain from having a Maths tutor as part of their support team. Maths skills are becoming an increasingly critical […]

Children’s Motor Skill Milestones – A guide for parents

  As a parent, you rejoice at each new thing your child learns and accomplishes. From the time they offer their first smile or that first step to that first dance concert or soccer game, you enjoy watching them grow, mature, and achieve. However, there are some children who progress in their physical skills at […]

Battling Childhood Depression Through Family Counselling

  Many people instantly assume that mental health issues such as depression are strictly adult problems. No parent likes to consider the possibility that their child or teenager is suffering from depression. Unfortunately, Australian research shows that approximately 112,000 young people between 4-17 years suffer from a major depressive disorder. These statistics are grim, but […]