OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation groups

  Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation Groups helps capable Year 4 students feel more confident about entrance exams for Opportunity Classes, Extension classes, Gifted and Talented programs and independent schools scholarships. Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class)Preparation program is taught by highly qualified teachers who have many years of experience supporting children who aspire to extended education opportunities.  

Program information

  Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation program is best suited to children in Year 4. The NSW Department of Education & Training's Opportunity Class Placement exam typically takes place early in Term 3 (July) Therefore, Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation groups commence in Term 1 and continue until the end of Term 2. Your child may enter an Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation group at any time during this time if a place is available. Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation program changes every term and each term offers a different program of skill and confidence building activities. Weekly Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class) Preparation classes are booked and paid for in advance and by the term. As our qualified teachers are engaged by the term, refunds are not given for missed lessons, however, make up sessions are offered if a place is available in an alternate Kids First’s OC (Opportunity Class)  Preparation group.  

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