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Child behaviour & discipline techniques that work: 7 top books for parents

Need to help your child overcome behaviour problems, but not sure where to start? If your children are defiant, throw tantrums or display aggression at home, preschool and school, this list of recommended books, compiled by psychologists and teachers in Sydney’ northern beaches, could help you to discover discipline strategies that work for your kids.… Continue Reading

10 Ways to support your sensitive, anxious child

Does your little person seem to struggle with physical sensations like seams and tags?  Do they feel and express big feelings?  Maybe they ask you lots of questions about what is coming up that day?  Combined with anxiety, the anxious highly sensitive child may find the world a big, scary and overwhelming place. This article… Continue Reading

How to teach your kids to share

Sharing is a concept that many young children find difficult to master, and it’s especially tough for children aged under 6. This is because, developmentally, children aged under 6 are usually still concrete learners who find abstract ideas tricky to understand. While an ideal world would be one in which all children played happily and… Continue Reading

Battling Childhood Depression Through Family Counselling

Many people instantly assume that mental health issues such as depression are strictly adult problems. No parent likes to consider the possibility that their child or teenager is suffering from depression. Unfortunately, Australian research shows that approximately 112,000 young people between 4-17 years suffer from a major depressive disorder. These statistics are grim, but they… Continue Reading

5 Things You Can Do to Solve Sibling Rivalry

If the following scenario sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone.  Your four-year daughter has taken a favourite toy from her three-year old sister.  The little one begins to cry.  That seems to “egg on” the older one, who calls her sister a cry-baby.  The younger girl screams for your help.  What should you do?… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends

As the wonders of technology continue to impact every aspect of our lives, it’s no wonder that the art of making friends eludes some children. But with a little help, and some guidance from parents and teachers, many kids can overcome friendship hurdles. Below, Kids First’s psychologists explain how … Why is it so hard… Continue Reading

How to Manage Aggression in Children

Is your child aggressive? Many parents are understandably concerned that their children displays aggressive behaviour at home, at school, or in the playground. Research suggests that it’s important to intervene as early as possible if you observe this type of behaviour in your child. Some approaches require the help of experienced professionals. There are, however,… Continue Reading

Teaching kids to share: Top tips to avoid tears

We all want our children to be caring and sharing kinds of kids, but learning to share is an acquired skill that doesn’t always come naturally. Kids First’s child psychologists tell us that while it’s natural to want our children to be generous, kind and cooperative, very young children are by nature self-centred. They tend… Continue Reading

Adoption & Fostering support in Sydney’s northern beaches

  The popularity of TV shows like Love Child has raised the profile of adoption and fostering, which according to latest research, touches an estimated 1 in 15 Australians.¹ Sydney psychologist, Linda Gilford, specialises in supporting families through the process of fostering and adoption and says that their experiences are not always similar to those depicted on… Continue Reading

Kids & Anxiety: These statistics may alarm you

According to a recent national survey of the mental health and wellbeing of Australian children and adolescents, approximately 278,000 Australian children aged between 4 and 17 struggle with clinical symptoms of Anxiety. This brief summary, which includes a link to the comprehensive national study, is important reading for parents and teachers. The Second Australian Child and Adolescent… Continue Reading