Parent & teacher resources: Online tools to measure your risk of burnout

Being a parent in today’s world can be tough, and while we are often very focussed on raising our children’s resilience, we also need to ensure that we have adequate resources in our own emotional reserves to meet the challenges of family life.

These tools, recommended by members of the Kids First Children’s Services team, may help you to evaluate your needs and find ways to meet them so that you and the people in your life can enjoy happy, positive and healthy relationships.

Tools for parents

Resources for educators and other professionals to help measure stress

For teachers and other professionals

Support for stressed parents and teachers

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

If feel that your own levels of stress are affecting your well-being and that of your children, your family doctor may be able to assist with a referral to an allied health professional who specialises in supporting adults’ mental health.

Rebates from Medicare are available for people who would benefit from the support of a psychologist and many private health funds offer cover for guidance and counselling services.

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