Parent resources: How Manage Mean Kids and Playground Politics

Resources to help parents support their children through playground politics

It can be difficult to help your child to develop the social skills and resilience they need to cope with playground politics.

As an adult, understanding how these skills develop in children may be helpful start as you parent your child.

Equally, resources that you can use with your child to build their understanding of how people interact with one another can be useful.

Resources to support you as you help your child

If you have continuing concerns, or if you feel that your child’s friendship problems are affecting their well-being and ability to participate successfully in the activities that other children their age typically enjoy, you may wish to seek professional advice.

A psychologist with training and experience in supporting children’s behaviour and emotions may be able to help with perspectives and strategies that you and your child have not tried yet.

The resources below could be a good starting point for your child and family.

Books for parents

  • The Resilience Doughnut – The Secret of Strong Kids by Lyn Worsley
  • Helping Your Anxious Child –A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents (social skills section) by Ronald Rapee et al.
  • The Whole Brain Child by Dr Daniel Siegal and Tina Payne
  • The Highly Sensitive Child by Dr Elaine Aron
  • Everyday Resilience and The Everyday Resilience Journal by Michelle Mitchell
  • School Ready: A practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids by Sonja Walker

Books for children

  • Can I play? by Janet Thomas & Alison Bartlett
  • Friends by Rob Lewis
  • Mean Jean the Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill
  • When I’m feeling… series by Trace Moroney


  • The Allen Adventure
  • Take a Stand Together


Professional support

If you want to help your child to manage mean kids and playground politics in a more positive way, Kids First’s experienced psychologists can help.

Sometimes, professional eyes see things in a new way, and you may be surprised at how quickly solutions to your problems can be found.

To make an appointment with a member of our team, call Kids First Children’s Services on (02) 9938 5419 or complete the inquiry form below and we will be in touch with you.

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