Courageous Kids: Anxiety prevention & resilience program for children

** Due to the limitations that COVID-19 pandemic restrictions place on the number of participants in our COURAGEOUS KIDS room, this program has been temporarily suspended. **

Pending official advice, we hope to be able to resume this program in Term 1, 2021

COURAGEOUS KIDS helps anxious children in Sydney’s northern beaches to overcome their fears.

Run by experienced child psychologists, COURAGEOUS KIDS offers proven anxiety-prevention and resilience support strategies to children and families.

COURAGEOUS KIDS teaches children easy, practical and long-lasting strategies to help overcome anxiety and provides parents with information, ideas and resources to support their child.

Courageous Kids - Anxiety support program for Kids

What is Courageous Kids?

COURAGEOUS KIDS is an early intervention and anxiety prevention program that helps anxious children and their families build effective strategies to deal with worry, stress and change.

COURAGEOUS KIDS supports kids aged 8 -12 who need practical help to develop better self-esteem, problem solving, self-expression and relationships with peers and adults.

In fun weekly sessions, small groups of children are guided toward a more confident future by a  qualified psychologist with extensive experience in supporting anxious kids.

Courageous Kids helps anxious children who are aged 8 – 12 who…

  • Are often overcome with fear and worry, even in familiar situations
  • Struggle with change
  • Have panic attacks
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Experience levels of stress that prevent the enjoyment of everyday activities
  • Have other difficulties related to confidence …

Supporting anxious children is important because …

Anxiety is Australia’s most common form of psychological disorder, affecting up to 20% of children and teenagers.

If a child’s anxiety is not addressed, it can significantly interfere with development and learning.

Anxiety can also lead to serious problems in later life, such as social isolation, underachievement and depression.

Here’s what some children and parents have said after completing the COURAGEOUS KIDS program at Kids First…

“Thank you for making me so much more confident and helping me to realise that if I get a headache it doesn’t mean that I’m sick, it may just mean that I’m worried about something. Now I feel so confident and brave and my teacher has seen a huge improvement.” Evie, age 9, Courageous Kids participant, 2013

“I can’t thank you enough. Courageous Kids has given our gorgeous boy back to us. He no longer fears going to birthday parties and is now making friends. You have taught him that it’s OK to talk about feelings and you’ve shown us how the rest of the family can support him. We are so grateful.” Nicole, Courageous Kids mum, 2014

When can my child come to Courageous Kids?

COURAGEOUS KIDS is an easy way for your child to learn that he or she is not alone.

This fun, encouraging program runs for 7 weeks and is offered each term to groups of 8 – 9 year olds and 10 – 12 year olds at Kids First Children’s Services, which is located in Brookvale in Sydney’s northern beaches.

Currently, COURAGEOUS KIDS is available on Thursday afternoons in hour-long sessions that commence at 4.30pm.

A maximum of 8 children is accepted for each group and this popular program books out quickly.

Do Health fund and Medicare rebates apply to Courageous Kids?

Yes. COURAGEOUS KIDS is a health service and children who participate may be eligible for private health insurance or Medicare rebates.

Please check with your fund for the specific conditions offered by your policy and with your family doctor, who is the most appropriate person to speak with about a Medicare plan.

Important information for parents, teachers and school counsellors

Every anxious child has different needs… and sometimes, a small group experience might not be the best clinical option for your child right now.

That’s why, if you are a parent of an anxious child who is interested in COURAGEOUS KIDS, we require you to attend a preliminary session with the psychologist prior to the start of the program.

Why do parents need to meet the Child Psychologist first?

It’s important that you have the chance to share your child’s struggles in a private and confidential setting before we meet your child.

You are in a unique position… you can give us the ‘big picture’ about how your child is faring at home and school.

You can tell us what your child enjoys and is good at.

You can also tell us what your child is worried about and how these worries are impacting on your child’s happiness, learning, friendships and participation in things that other kids their age typically enjoy.

We want your child to have the best possible chance of success… and knowing as much as possible about your child’s challenges will help you, with the help of our child psychologist, to make informed decisions.

If, together, you decide that small group support might not be the best choice right now, that’s okay!

Our child psychologist will suggest other appropriate, professional and personal alternatives that will be the best fit for your family.

Find out more

We welcome your inquiry and would be happy to arrange an appointment so that you can discuss your anxious child’s needs with one of Kids First’s experienced Child Psychologists.

Please phone Kids First Children’s Services’ Brookvale centre on (02) 9938 5419.

Our phones are answered by our friendly team members from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

You can also provide your details in the comments box below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.