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Welcome to the Courageous Kids Anxiety and Resilience program at Kids First Children’s Services, where we understand the unique challenges your child in Kindergarten to Year 2 may be facing right now.

Life can be tough for young children as they navigate the early stages of their educational journey.

Your child may find themselves overwhelmed with worries, struggle to cope with everyday stressors, exhibit reluctance to go to school and battle with low self-esteem.


If you are concerned that your child’s anxiety is interfering with their social and learning success, or if their worries are taking over their life, Kids First is here to help.

The Courageous Kids Anxiety and Resilience program has been developed by our multi-disciplinary team of child psychologists, counsellors and teachers.

It offers children practical, long-lasting strategies to overcome their anxiety in a supportive and fun small group setting.



At Courageous Kids, your child will be given tools to:

Understand their Emotions
Learn to Relax
Face their Fears Gradually
Build Resilience
Think in New Ways about their Worries
Navigate the Emotional Demands of their Classroom and Playground

Your anxious child is not alone.

Courageous Kids runs each term.

Each week, your child will enjoy a positive and encouraging program in the company of like-minded kids.

Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can learn coping strategies, build resilience, and develop social-emotional skills to effectively manage their anxiety.

Our fully qualified Child and Family Clinicians lead this engaging, age -appropriate program and provide families with the guidance they need to support their anxious child at school, at home, and throughout their lives.

Topics covered in the Courageous Kids Anxiety and Resilience Program include: 

  • Understanding our feelings
  • Thinking about our worries in new ways
  • Building healthy habits that help us to manage our emotions
  • Learning how to relax
  • Developing coping skills such as assertiveness or problem solving 

Courageous Kids also guides you with resources and practical strategies so that you can better understand and manage your young child’s anxiety.

Each group is limited to 6 children to ensure every child receives focused, one-on-one support.

Is Courageous Kids right for your child?

Every anxious child has different needs. That’s why we take you through our 4-step process to help
you decide what support your child needs to manage their anxiety.


If you’re interested in Courageous Kids for your child, you’ll first attend a consultation with one of our Child and Family Clinicians to ensure this small group program is the right clinical option for your child.


You’ll be given a chance to share your child’s struggles in a confidential setting to show us the ‘big picture’ of how your child is getting on at home and at school.


We’ll learn more about how anxiety is affecting your child and the impact it’s having on their happiness, friendships, learning, and participation in fun activities.


Our clinicians will help you make an informed decision for your child, whether that’s Courageous Kids or an alternative treatment we recommend.

Courageous Kids group timetable 2023

Courageous Kids Anxiety and Resilience groups take place in a kid-friendly environment at Kids First Children’s Services based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our groups for primary school aged children in Kindergarten to Year 2 run for 10 weeks every term. As there’s a capacity of 6 children in each group, we strongly advise booking early.

Timetable for Term 4 2023 below:

3:45 pm
Children in K - 2

Children with NDIS funding or Medicare Plan

Courageous Kids groups are led by our Child & Family Clinicians who have extensive backgrounds in children’s mental health and development. They do not, however, provide psychology services that are covered by a Medicare plan.

Children with a NDIS plan may use their NDIS funding for this program; however, please note that our Courageous Kids program does not cater specifically to children with disabilities. Our SOCIAL SKILLS group for kids with unique needs may be a more appropriate clinical option for your child.

Find out more about Kids First’s Social Skills Groups for children aged 5 to 12 here.

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