Speech Therapy Screening for Preschoolers

Speech therapy screenings for northern beaches preschoolers

If you’re worried about your pre-schooler’s speech & language, read on…

Perhaps your child’s communication skills are not developing as well as other children their age…

Maybe your child is unable to pronounce sounds or words that other kids can say…

Perhaps teachers or carers at preschool or daycare have mentioned that your child is struggling to make social connections with other children…

Maybe your child has a stutter…

Or perhaps your child’s inability to express ideas, wants and needs results in tantrums and poor behaviour.


Community heath wait-lists are long

Right now, the wait list for northern beaches children seeking speech therapy advice from community health services is six to eight months long.

That means that if you put your child’s name on a wait list today – you might not get an appointment until next year.

Get professional advice now

If you are concerned that your child is falling behind – and you don’t want to wait until 2016 for advice – give your child the benefit of this discount offer.

For 60% off the usual cost, your child can benefit from a consultation with one of our experienced, paediatric Speech Pathologists.

Your health fund may make this VERY affordable

If you have a health fund that covers your child for speech pathology, you may find that your rebate covers most, if not all of the $50 cost of this heavily discounted appointment.

Take advantage of a private, one-to-one screening if:

* You are worried that your child’s communication skills are not on par with same aged peers

* Your child struggles to say some sounds properly

* Other people find your child’s speech hard to understand

* Your child has had frequent ear infections and you suspect that hearing has been a past problem

* Your child seems to have problems understanding or remembering instructions

* Your child struggles with social skills

* You are worried about your child’s behaviour

* Your child mispronounce words

* Your child is going to school next year and you want to ensure that he or she is ready to learn

How to get your $50 appointment

This consultation offer is valued at $105, but we’re offering it for just $50 to northern beaches preschoolers who have not attended Kids First before.

It is for appointments booked and attended before Friday August 7 and attended before Friday 22, 2015.

If you have concerns for your toddler or preschooler, call Kids First now on (02) 9938 5419 for your appointment.

Alternatively, fill in this quick inquiry form and a member of our team will contact you directly to arrange your visit.


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  • This offer is for residents of Sydney's northern beaches only