Free Occupational Therapy consultation

Are you worried about your child’s behaviour or sensory processing?

Does your child’s behaviour deteriorate quickly?

Do you find yourself wondering how your child could possibly be so sensitive to seemingly little things, like busy environments, sounds and feelings like disappointment, frustration and excitement?

Does your child find it very difficult to calm down after moments of high emotion?

Some children find it difficult to manage their behavioural impulses because the way in which they process sensations like touch, taste, sound and emotions are very finely tuned.

Occupational Therapists with experience in supporting children with emotional regulation and sensory sensitivities can often help children and parents to solve these kinds of problems.

Community heath waitlists are long

Right now, the wait list for northern beaches children seeking occupational therapy advice from community health services is four to six months long.

That means that if you put your child’s name on a wait list today – you might not get an appointment until next year.

Get FREE advice now!

If you are concerned that your child is struggling with sensory processing and behaviour, we invite you to take advantage of this completely FREE offer to meet with one of our experienced, paediatric Occupational Therapists.

How to get your free appointment

This consultation offer is valued at $105, but we’re offering it FREE to parents who have not attended Kids First before.

It is for appointments booked before 3.00pm on Friday July 1 2016 and attended before 5.00pm on Friday 15 July 2016.

If you have concerns for your child, fill in this quick inquiry form and a member of our team will contact you directly to arrange your visit.


Free OT consultation

  • Please note this offer is only valid for children who live in Sydney's northern beaches and who have not attended Kids First Children's Services before
    Check as many as apply to your child
    When they meet with you for the first time, our OTs prefer NOT to speak about your child's behaviour and sensory difficulties when your child is present. Please choose a day when you can attend Kids First on your own so that you can have a candid, private conversation with our therapist.