Junior Secondary English Skills & Writing Group

  Kids First’s Junior Secondary English and Writing Groups are taught by Kids First Founder and Director, Sonja Walker. Sonja is an experienced teacher and former HSC marker who has helped hundreds of Year 7 and year 8 students to build confidence and achieve better results in English. Sonja’s group classes are engaging, dynamic and focus on building practical skills that will give your child the chance to succeed in high school English. Your child will not be required to complete homework or assignments as part of this program, however, the skills gained will assist your child not only in English, but also in other subjects that require students to read, comprehend and write at length such as History and Geography.  

Program information

  Kids First’s Junior Secondary English and Writing tuition groups run for one hour each week. They are booked and paid for, in advance, by the term. Places with Sonja Walker are limited and fill quickly. Due to the popularity of these groups, refunds are not given for missed lessons.  

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  Call us now on (02) 9938 5419 to discuss your child’s high school English tutoring needs.