Private Literacy Support

(Years K-6)
Kids First's speech pathologists are also literacy specialists who have years of experience in helping children learn how to read, spell and write more easily.    

Private literacy support offers children and families many advantages:

  • Our speech pathologists are university trained experts who can determine the cause of your child's literacy difficulties and create an individual support program that will address your child's specific needs
  • Your child will receive personal, private support that targets the exact skills your child needs to focus on
  • Your child's speech pathologist can teach you how to help at home (which will make your child's progress faster and more affordable)
  • Private Literacy Support provided by a Speech Pathologist is a health service for which your health fund might give rebates

    Contact us

    Before and after school spots with our speech pathologist are extremely sought after - so contact us now on 9938 5419 to chat about your child's needs   (We also offer individual intensive literacy support programs during the school holidays and this can be a great option for many kids!)