Primary Maths Tuition

Thinking about getting a Maths tutor to help your primary schooler?

  • Is Maths homework a nightmare at your house?
  • Does your child not ‘get’ addition, subtraction, division and times tables?
  • Do they give up and say “I’m no good at Maths?!”
  • Do ‘new’ ways of doing Maths baffle you to point where you can’t help anymore?

When you’ve searched on-line, you’ve probably found lots of Maths tutors advertising their services. The problem is, many of them are…

  • Uninsured Math tutors who work for cash in hand…
  • Unqualified uni students who do Maths tutoring on the side …
  • Maths tuition companies that promote rote learning or computer based programs…
  • ‘Coaching colleges’ where multiple tutors and their students are crammed into one room

At Kids First, our Maths tuition services are VERY different!

We’ve tutored northern beaches kids for years and we know there’s no substitute for the support of a fully qualified teacher when your child needs to learn something new.

That’s why,

  • we only employ qualified teachers to tutor our primary and secondary Maths students
  • every new primary schooler receives a free 30 minute Maths skills screening
  • we offer small group and individual Maths tuition options
  • there’s a maximum of 5 students in our Maths tuition groups
  • children in our small groups are matched with kids of similar ability
  • we teach face to face and don’t use computers or rote learning
  • only one class takes place in each Kids First classroom
  • we don’t give kids extra homework

Kids First’s qualified Maths teachers are up to date with the current curriculum and we support children of all ages and abilities.

So if you want a qualified Maths tutor who will actually teach your child how to feel more confident about Maths, call Kids First now.

We’ve helped hundreds of northern beaches children aged 7-17 get better results in Maths and we can help your child too….

Find out more…

Want to know more about how our classes run, who are teachers are and what costs are involved?

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Maths Mastery Tuition Groups for Primary Schoolers…

Looking for comprehensive primary Maths tutoring that’s a bit of fun as well?

Our fully qualified teachers understand the Mathematics curriculum and can explain complex concepts in a way that your child will understand…

And while we’re serious about helping kids get better results in Maths, we believe in making tutoring enjoyable too.

That’s why, at Kids First, you won’t find a ‘one size fits all’ approach to primary Maths tuition.

Or rote learning…

Or a room full of kids on computers!

What you will find is qualified professionals, positively supporting and guiding kids in Years 1 to 6 (without pressure!)

So stop battling over Maths homework and give your primary schooler the chance to build confidence and get better results!

Call us now on (02) 9938 5419 to discuss your child’s Maths tuition needs and to book a free 30 minute Maths Skills Screening.

Our Maths tutoring timetable

Kids First’s popular Maths tuition classes fill quickly.

Click on the image below to find a small group or individual class for your child.

Please call us on (02) 9938 5419 for more information or click here to arrange a free 30 minute maths screening for your child.

Yes – Kids First offers Maths tutoring for high schoolers too!

Kids First’s qualified Senior Maths teachers offer tuition support to students at all levels from Year 7 to Year 12. Get the details when you click the image below…