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Tutoring for northern beaches students

Need a Maths tutor for your primary or high school aged child? Or an English tutor who can help your child improve their reading, spelling, creative writing or essay writing?

Kids First offers the northern beaches’ most established and reputable tutoring support for kids of all ages and abilities…and we can help you.

In our many years of tutoring children, we’ve learned that:

  • You don’t necessarily want your child to be at the top of their class… you just want them to be happy and to achieve to their potential at school.
  • You don’t want your child to feel pressured or to have extra homework
  • You know that a computer program is OK for practising something your child already knows, but there’s no substitute for a real explanation from a real teacher who can adjust their teaching style to your child’s learning style
  • Complicated educational concepts are best explained by qualified teachers who are up to date with the Australian curriculum
  • Kids often learn (and behave!) better when they are supported by someone they respect, but who is not a family member

Maths tutor and English tutor for kids in Sydney's northern beaches

More than tutors

At Kids First, our fully qualified teachers are more than just tutors… we are experienced, university educated teachers who have extensive classroom experience.

Since 2007, we’ve been offering reliable, mature and sensitive support to kids of all ages and abilities, without the use of computers or rote learning.

So whether your child has learning difficulties that need to be overcome or aspires to Selective Schools, Opportunity Class, NAPLAN or HSC success, Kids First has a professional teacher who can provide personal attention and friendly help.

Our focus on quality and care without pressure will not only ensure that your child is encouraged and supported as they learn, but also has fun in a positive, kid-friendly environment that builds confidence and competence.

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