Time Timers help kids stay calm

Do your children struggle to transition between activities?

Are they too young to understand terms like ‘soon’, ‘later’ and ‘in a minute’?

Do they fight about whose turn it is, or argue about how much longer they need to spend completing a task you’ve asked of them?

At Kids First, one of the tools we most frequently recommend to parents and teacher is a Time Timer. In fact, our health and education professionals use Time Timers every day to help children of all ages and abilities to stay calm and organised, and you can use them too!

Check out this video that shows how Time Timers help kids to transition, stay on task, tolerate activities they’d rather avoid and promote independence.

Time timers can be purchased as a conventional ‘clock’ that can be used at home or in a classroom. These are what we use in our therapy and classrooms at Kids First.

Even better for busy parents, Time Timers can now be purchased as an app. For less than a cup of coffee, you can have this fabulous tool in your pocket or handbag, ready to help your child stay calm and organised whenever you need it!

Where can you get a Time Timer?

It’s important for you to know that Kids First does not sell Time Timers and we have no affiliation with any particular supplier. We just want to share our professional knowledge so your child can benefit from a tool that is easy and child-friendly!

We often purchase our physical Time Timer clocks from an Australian supplier of special needs resources called Bilby. Check them out here.

There are many apps that offer digital Time Timers for Apple and Android devices. Take a look at the original Time Timer app for iPhones here and an Android alternative here

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