Therapists offer free support to preschools


Kids First’s Q & A Team is a new community outreach initiative that supports local preschoolers and their families.

Each week, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers visit kindergartens, long day care centres and preschools in the northern beaches to provide advice and tips to teachers and parents.

The hour long visits have been welcomed by early educators, who report that they frequently have questions about children’s development and need practical support.

Parents who have taken advantage of the chance to chat with our visiting professionals have also appreciated the advice and information they have received.

One preschool director sent this message to Kids First after a recent visit from the Kids First Q & A Team:

“Dear Sonja, We owe you a big thank you for taking the time to come out and see us!  Yourself, Rachel and Katrina had fabulous advice and it put our minds at ease knowing we are picking up on things and it helped us to make sense of some of the behaviour we are seeing.  The parents are very grateful for the advice and help that you gave them”

Q & A team visits are offered when time allows in our therapists’ clinical schedules.

Because our popular professionals are very busy helping children at our Brookvale centre, this availability is not known more than a few days in advance.

An email detailing Q & A team availability is sent northern beaches preschools each Thursday and a visit is offered to the first centre to respond to our offer.

To ensure that your child’s preschool is on our invitation list for a visit from Kids First’s Q & A Team, ask your child’s teachers to contact Kids First by email or phone on (02) 9938 5419

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