Real teachers supporting kids as they learn at home

Kids in today’s world are busy, and with global health concerns closing classrooms around the country, they need more support than ever.

Every teacher we know is working hard to provide content for their students to learn at home, but problems can emerge when your child is uncertain about what to do or can’t understand the process they need to follow.

With no classroom teacher to ask, its natural for kids to lose enthusiasm and for mums and dads to get caught up in trying to be both a parent and an educator (often for subjects that weren’t even in the curriculum when they were at school!).

If you’re trying to meet new ‘working from home’ obligations, how can you possibly balance the need to support and supervise your children’s at-home learning when you are supposed to be doing your job at the same time?

If your kids are asking you questions all day long and you have no idea how to calculate the volume of a cylinder or what a rhombus look like, Kids First’s qualified and experienced teachers are here to help.

Kids First’s qualified teachers are university educated professionals who have been part of our multi-disciplinary team for more than 13 years.

While your child is learning at home, our teachers are available for 20 to 60 minute online video tutorials in which they can:

  • Troubleshoot the concepts that have confused your child
  • Give practical advice about where to start on a task
  • Help your child to plan their approach to a piece of work
  • Review your child’s work to offer suggestions for further development
  • Fill in the gaps when your child doesn’t understand and needs help to solve their learning problem

How does Kids First’s tele-teacher service work?

It’s simple. Contact Kids First Children’s Services by completing the form below.

A member of our friendly team will contact you to set up a time for your child to meet with one of our tele-teacher, Vickie, Misi or Sonja.

If there is a particular task that your child is struggling with, we will ask you to scan a copy and send it to us so that your child and their Tele-Teacher can (literally!) be on the same page

We’ll send a link to you via email so that, at their appointed time, your child can log in, speak directly to their Kids First Tele-Teacher on our secure video platform and get the help they need.

Sessions are available in 20-minute intervals and you may reserve one or more sessions in one block


You may make casual or regular bookings with Kids First’s Tele-teachers. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to secure an appointment and full payment via a valid credit card is required at the time of booking.

  • One 20-minute troubleshooting session $ 34.95 (inc GST)
  • One 40-minute short tutorial $ 69.80 (inc GST)
  • One 60-minute long lesson $104.85 (inc GST)

Tele-Health Booking Request

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