Tiia Pyky

Early Intervention Specialist

With years of dedicated service to early childhood education, Tiia has a genuine passion for fostering nurturing, calm, and secure environments where children can flourish.

In her mobile role as an Early Intervention Specialist at Kids First, she actively supports young children in their preschool and early primary settings, bringing her expertise directly to where it’s needed most. Tiia is known for her ability to gently guide children as they learn to participate positively in their classrooms and playgrounds, and for the collaborative way in which she supports and empowers their educators.

At Kids First, Tiia also brings her expertise to our Supported Playgroup team. With an approach that is deeply rooted in inclusivity, her focus in on helping every child to reach their full potential. To achieve this, Tiia works closely with parents and Kids First’s multi-disciplinary team to ensure that every child’s unique social and learning needs are met with understanding, creativity, and effectiveness.

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Post-graduate training in supporting children and families with unique needs
  • Certificate in Visible Thinking - Harvard University
Special professional interests
  • Creating secure attachments and providing a calm and nurturing environment for children
  • Inclusive education and equity of opportunities for children with additional needs
  • Early intervention that facilitates a positive change for children and their families
Fun facts
  • Tiia was born and raised in Finland, but now calls Sydney's northern beaches home
  • She enjoys active pursuits like running and bushwalks, but is also a fan of the quiet creativity of sewing and photography
  • A busy mum of two, she gracefully balances her personal and professional roles

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