Misi Keckses

Maths and Science Teacher

Misi is an experienced, talented, and highly qualified Maths and Science Teacher whose patient and gentle approach gives students confidence in their abilities.

Misi has experience teaching all levels of high school mathematics and works with secondary students of all ages and abilities. He is also an experienced Chemistry teacher and has the unique ability to explain complex ideas in a way that students find easy to understand and remember.

Misi offers personal, individual tuition that helps maths and science students to improve their results by focusing on the areas in which they need specific support.

  • PhD in Agricultural Sciences
  • Masters’ Degree in Engineering Science
  • Master’s Degree in Microbiology
  • Masters' Degree in Bioengineering (Chemical Engineering)
  • Qualified Maths and Science Teacher
  • Providing maths, science, and chemistry tuition for kids with unique needs
Fun Facts
  • Misi speaks four languages, English, German, Hungarian and Russian
  • Misi has authored or co-authored more than 40 scientific research papers
  • He is the proud, if not occasionally exhausted, dad of two active daughters

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