Kathryn Kartikeyan


Kathryn is a highly-experienced psychologist and qualified Special Education teacher. Kate works closely with children of all ages to overcome issues with anxiety, friendships, family, and self-esteem. She also offers practical advice to parents and carers, giving them the strategies they need to help their kids thrive.

Kathryn has a deep understanding of the challenges that children with learning and behavioural differences face in the classroom and playground. She firmly believes in the power of partnerships between parents and professionals to help children succeed and facilitates this through her holistic approach to therapy.

Kathryn’s working knowledge of the support needed in educational settings allows her to support parents and carers in making decisions about their child’s schooling. Her experience in conducting formal Psychometric and Educational Assessments also enables her to confirm if a child is Gifted or has Specific Learning Difficulties.

  • Registered Psychologist NESA
  • Accredited Proficient Teacher
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education Studies in Special Education
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Graduate Certificate in School Counselling Professional
  • Certificate in Education (Positive Education)
  • Helping children with unique needs to succeed in educational settings
  • Supporting kids with issues like anxiety, friendships, and low self-esteem
Fun Facts
  • Adores swimming and scenic walks at the beach.
  • Loves travelling and meeting new people and used to be an international flight attendant!
  • Consumer of hot Indian curries
  • Experienced renovator

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