David Scott​​

Child and Family Clinician

David is a qualified Counsellor and provisional psychologist with an extensive background in inclusive education and disability support. He brings natural enthusiasm, calmness in crisis, deep respect for all people and a sense of fun to everything he does.

David has a strong working knowledge of schools, out-of-home care and the challenges faced by kids with learning and developmental differences. He is deeply committed to supporting children of all ages and abilities, and their caregivers.

David is known for his warmth, care and strengths-based approach to helping children and young people overcome their struggles. He provides solutions for those experiencing stress or relationship issues due to learning, behavioural, developmental, or family difficulties.

David’s practical strategies to improve relationships, behaviour, and life at home gives parents and carers a better understanding of their children’s needs. He is well-versed in supporting children affected by family breakups, as well as those struggling to manage their emotions, navigate friendships, and develop healthy self-esteem. 

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (Hons)
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Communications)
  • Supporting school aged children living with disability and unique needs
  • Liaising with parents, carers, external health providers and teachers to maintain a support circle for each child
  • Delivering innovative support that helps children and young people reduce stress and manage their wellbeing
Fun facts
  • Once played the role of Santa at a whole school assembly
  • Can often be found singing in his car
  • An enthusiastic cook with a special interest in home-made pizza

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