Brianna Martin

Allied Health Assistant

Brianna brings a wealth of experience to her role as an Allied Health Assistant at Kids First.

A talented gymnast who has worked as a coach and competition judge for 12 years, Brianna has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Biology. She is currently completing her second degree – a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

Brianna has been supporting children with unique needs for years, and prior to joining the Kids First team, delivered neurofeedback therapy to children with learning difficulties, ADHD inattentive, anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural conditions, cognitive dysfunction, and brain injuries.

In her role with us, Brianna works closely with clinicians, teachers and families to help children apply the skills they learn in therapy in their homes, preschools and schools.

Her important role links the great work done in clinic with children’s lives in their real worlds.

Brianna is a sought-after member of our multi-disciplinary team and in addition to her individual work with children, is a popular facilitator of our small group handwriting and school holiday workshop programs.

  • Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Biology
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (currently completing)
  • Gymnastics Australia including Supervisor accreditation, Women’s gymnastics FIG 2 advanced silver coach, Kindergym coach, FreeG Advanced coach, Team Gym coach, and Women’s gymnastics judge
Special professional interests
  • Working collaboratively with clinicians and teachers to help children feel successful in their lives
  • Supporting families to develop positive routines so that children learn to be more independent at home
  • Encouraging children with unique needs as they build social skills, make and keep friends
Fun Facts
  • Brianna has been an invited participant in Gymnastic Australia's Leadership Masterclasses for Women in Sport
  • A keen traveller, Brianna has travelled extensively and most recently visited Japan
  • Brianna loves coffee and while she tries hard to control her addiction to chocolate, she doesn't always succeed

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