Top Tips from a Speech Therapist: Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher About Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills  

Parent-teacher meetings with your child educators are a perfect time to discuss your child’s developmental needs and ensure they have all the skills they need to succeed at preschool. and school. Your child will need strong communication skills to play and learn, and here Kids First’s experienced speech therapists share some questions you might like to ask during your meeting: 

Parent-teacher meeting focusing on speech therapy at a preschool in Sydney's northern beaches.

Identify and Address Needs Early 

Parent-teacher meetings are an excellent opportunity to identify any speech or language concerns before they start to interfere with your child’s friendships or learning.  

Questions to Ask: 

  • Have you noticed any challenges my child faces with speech or language? 
  • Are there specific sounds or words that my child struggles with? 
  • How does my child interact with their peers? Are there any communication issues?

What Can We Do at Home to Help? 

Your child’s teachers may be able to help with practical idea for at-home practice. Ask the questions below, and if you’re still not sure what to do, get advice from a paediatric speech pathologist who can collaborate with you to support your child. 
Questions to Ask:

  • What language skills should my child have before starting school?
  • Do you have any suggestions for activities we can do at home to support my child’s language development?
  • How can I reinforce what is being taught in the classroom at home?

Parent-teacher meeting discussing practical ideas for at-home language development in Sydney's northern beaches.

Build Language Skills 

If your child has a reserved or sensitive temperament, they may need extra support to be able to participate fully in their classroom.  

Questions to Ask:

  • How can we support my child in feeling confident when speaking in front of others?  
  • Are there any signs of anxiety related to communication that I should watch for? 

Reduce Behavioural Challenges 

Sometimes, children who have communication problems express their frustration through their behaviour. This is definitely something to speak with your child’s teacher about because by addressing speech and language issues early, your child can have a smoother and more enjoyable school experience.
Questions to Ask: 

  • Have you noticed any behavioural issues that might be linked to communication difficulties?
  • What strategies can we use to help reduce frustration related to speech and language challenges? 
  • Would you suggest that we seek external help from a speech therapist to help our child to overcome this difficulty? 
Parent-teacher meeting discussing practical ideas for at-home language development in Sydney's northern beaches.

Need Help for Your Child? 

Educators have years of experience supporting children and seeking their advice about your child’s speech and language skills could be one of the most valuable things you do during your son or daughter’s formative years. 

At Kids First Children’s Services, our experienced Speech Therapists and Early Intervention Specialists provide both in-clinic and mobile therapy options to meet the diverse needs of families.  

If you believe your child could benefit from support, contact us to discuss how they can help your child succeed both in and out of the classroom. 

Call Kids First today to on 9938 5419 to discover how mobile therapy can support your child or follow the link below for more information about Speech Therapy at Kids First. 

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