Speech Therapy for children who speak French

Kids First offers speech therapy in French for bilingual children

Support for bilingual families

Bilingual children who speak French and English have a unique set of language, literacy and learning needs.

While helping your child to make the most of their bilingualism is important, finding the right support from highly qualified professionals can sometimes be tricky.

French/English speech therapy

At Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale, bilingual speech therapist, Odile Lassemillante, offers speech therapy in both the French and English languages.

French/English therapy and offers a huge advantage to children who are raised in bilingual homes or attend bilingual preschools and schools.

It also makes attending speech therapy easier for parents whose first language is not English, because advice can be given by a professional who can speak to them in their mother tongue.

About Odile Lassemillante

Speech Pathologist Odile Lassemillante is a native French speaker who was educated in Australia.

Her clinical career has seen her work in Australian and international practices.

Odile has experience supporting children of all ages and abilities and has a particular passion for assisting children who struggle with speech, language and social challenges.

Speech pathologist Odile Lassemillante supports children at Kids First in Sydney's northern beaches

Bilingual speech therapy

Fully qualified to deliver speech therapy in English AND French, Odile offers guidance to French-speaking families who are concerned about their child’s:
• Speech clarity
• Pronunciation of sounds
• Late talking
• Ability to understand others in French and/or English
• Capacity to communicate their wants and needs
• Stuttering
• Reading / writing
• Social skills / play skills
• Listening / attention
• Bilingualism / multilingualism

Speech therapy assessments in French

Odile can also assess your child using French language tests and provides formal French language assessments for teens seeking special provisions for their International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

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If your French/English bilingual child struggling with speech, language or literacy difficulties, Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale can help!

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