Speech Pathology

Speech Therapy for children

Kids First’s experienced Speech Pathologists have been helping children in Sydney’s northern beaches overcome speech, language and literacy problems since 2007.

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Does your child…

  • Use fewer words than peers of a similar age?
  • Have difficulty understanding what is said to them?
  • Find it hard to remember or follow instructions?
  • Lash out in frustration when they struggle to express themselves?
  • Have a noticeable lisp?
  • Mispronounce some sounds and words?
  • Stutter?
  • Struggle with reading, spelling or comprehension?
  • Have a disability, such as Autism, Aspergers or Down Syndrome?

Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, Kids First’s speech pathologists can help with fun, practical speech therapy that could make a real difference to your child’s confidence, skills and learning.

What to expect when your child comes to speech therapy at Kids First

At Kids First, you will meet experienced speech therapists who have been working exclusively with children for many years.

With expertise in all kinds of communication difficulties (such as speech sound, comprehension, expressive language, stuttering and reading/spelling problems) we are highly trained and can help.

Your child’s Kids First speech therapist will discover what is holding your child back.

As a parent, you can expect to be included and involved too.

We believe strongly in equipping and empowering you so that you can support your child every day.

Your involvement will make your child’s speech therapy quicker, more successful and more affordable.

Speech therapy at Kids First will enable you be an informed and effective advocate for your child at home, preschool and school.

Together, we can help your child’s communication skills and confidence to improve!

It is never too early to seek advice.

Meet Kids First’s Children’s Speech Pathologists

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Free Speech Therapy Fact Sheet

Click to download this free resource that will help you to determine if your child’s speech and language is age appropriate