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When your child is having difficulty expressing themselves, struggling with a speech impediment, or finding reading and writing difficult, it can cause a huge amount of anxiety. You might even find they’re lashing out because they can’t express their thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.

Worrying whether your child will fall behind in school or be bullied by other kids for their lisp or stutter; it’s no walk in the park. Of course, when a speech issue is compounded with a disability, things get even tougher.

Our speech pathologists are sensitive to the very real emotions you’re facing. They have the experience and insight to help you navigate this uncertain territory and see the road ahead. We’ll help to improve your child’s speech, literacy, and language through engaging, friendly sessions.

Kids First speech therapy is

Our therapists ensure that each session is kid-friendly, fun for your child, and incorporates elements that are unique to their interests and personality.
Our multidisciplinary setting ensures that we have a clear picture of your child’s unique journey and can completely personalise their therapy to your family.
Speech therapy is most successful when it’s followed through at home and in school. Our solutions can be easily transferred and adapted.

Our speech therapists can improve:

Helping your child to follow instructions, understand and answer questions, and comprehend others.
Improving your child’s reading and writing capabilities to support them in school and life.
Dealing with mispronunciation with practical, fun training with speech sounds.
Developing your child’s expressive language skills through ongoing, interactive sessions.
Expanding your child’s vocabulary to help them express themselves and understand others better.
Lisps & Stutters
Using evidence-based methods to help your child improve their speech impediment and confidence.

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