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Children with unique needs, especially those dealing with ADHD or Autism can find social situations overwhelming, confusing, and stressful. Not every child is blessed with the skills of a social butterfly, some need a little support to guide them through social situations, and that’s okay.

For some, making friends, understanding social cues, interpreting tone of voice or body language, and collaborating with others doesn’t come naturally. These social challenges are not only difficult for the child, but their caregivers too.

Kids First’s Social Skills groups are led by our experienced therapists. They offer fun, practical support that’s full of laughter and learning.

You want to know your child is happy at school, feels like they belong, and is being treated with kindness by others. If you or your child’s teacher have noticed some issues with socializing, our Social Skills groups can support your child as they make their way in the mainstream world.

Our programs focus on helping children to solve their social skills problems by building social competence in a fun and easy way.

Your child may eligible for rebates from self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding. (Please check with your child’s NDIS Plan for the specifics that are relevant to them)

At our Social Skills group, your child
will learn how to:

Fit In With Others
Empathise With Others
Understand Social Rules
Interpret body language
Navigate Conversations
Build Friendships

Harry Potter didn’t need a huge group of friends, neither does your child.

Our Social Skills groups use the evidence-based Social Thinking Methodology® and resources developed by renowned social skills expert, Michelle Garcia Winner. In a welcoming, fun, and interactive environment, your child will develop the skills they need to connect with others.

Through the art of storytelling and games, your child will learn how to detect and process secret social cues and the non-verbal language of other people. Just like Harry Potter, we teach your child how to build trustful friendships with a select few by understanding compromise and empathy.

Is our Social Skills group right for your child?

Through our 4 step process, we can help you determine whether a Kids First Social Skills Group will work for your child’s unique needs. Our Social Skills groups are not a good fit for every child with unique needs as there’s a certain degree of language and learning skills needed to benefit from this service.


Contact us to find out how our popular Social Skills Groups might help your child learn how to make and keep friends.


Come to see us (or connect via our convenient tele-health portal) to chat privately about your child’s challenges, abilities, needs, and interests, and we’ll recommend your next steps.


Bring your child to meet their group leader one on one, determine whether our Social Skills Group is the right choice and become familiar with our environment, so they’re ready for their first session.


If our team thinks our Social Skills Groups will work well for your child, we’ll enrol them into the complete Social Skills Group program that is appropriate for their needs.

Social Skills Program Timetable 2024

Contact Kids First now to book a place in one of our evidence-based Social Skills groups.

Social stars - Kindy & Year 1

Our fun, interactive group sessions make use of Storytime and games to teach your ‘social star’ how to tune into others, practice collaboration, and expand their friendship horizons. At the end of every 45 minute session, we’ll get you involved so their practice can be continued at home.


3:45 pm
Students in Kindy & Year 1

Social Detectives - Years 2 to 4

In these interactive, fun sessions, your ‘social detective’ will improve their social understanding by learning how to identify what their peers are communicating through their words and actions. They will use clues and their 5 senses to figure out what to predict in social situations and come to a better understanding of playground politics.


3:45 pm
Students in Years 2 to 4

Eligibility for NDIS

Your child may be eligible for rebates from self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding. (Please check with your child’s NDIS Plan for the specifics that are relevant to them)

Want to see if our Social Skills groups can help your child? Give us a call!

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