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support for building


When your child is having a hard time connecting with others, understanding social cues, and navigating conversations, they can benefit from our social skills groups.

If your child is socially anxious, struggles to interpret body language or tone of voice, makes friends and loses them quickly or are often excluded from social activities, they may have difficulty with their social skills and need extra support.

Our social skills groups give your child an opportunity to explore complex social cues, group situations, and conversations through fun, immersive, and interactive group sessions. Our sessions are run by experienced therapists and keep you involved every step of the way.

Our enrolment process

Phone Consultation

Give us a call to get started and we’ll have an initial chat about your child’s needs, abilities and answer any questions you may have.

First Visit

Your child will have the opportunity to meet their group leader, get familiar with our setting, and make a connection before their first session.

Provide Reports

We ask that you give us copies of all medical and diagnostic reports relevant to your child’s abilities so we can completely tailor our sessions.

At our social skills groups, your
child will learn about:

Social cues
Helping your child to follow instructions, understand and answer questions, and comprehend others.
Conversation skills
Dealing with mispronunciation with practical, fun training with speech sounds.
Group dynamics
Let your child explore group situations through fun, immersive, and interactive group sessions.
Problem solving
Improving your child’s reading and writing capabilities to support them in school and life.
Behaviour & emotions
Developing your child’s expressive language skills through ongoing, interactive sessions.
Body language
Overcome social anxiety and struggles to interpret body language or tone of voice.

Helping kids

navigate a world of

social expectations.

We help your child take the mystery out of making and keeping friends. In a caring, supportive small group environment, we teach practical strategies that are easy to understand and can be transferred to home and school environments.

Typically, children who get the most benefit from our program are kids who have average to above average learning skills, attend mainstream schools and are able to speak and listen well.

Social stars - ages 4-6

Our fun, interactive group sessions make use of storytime and games to teach your ‘social star’ how to tune into others, practice collaboration, and expand their friendship horizons. At the end of every 45 minute session, we’ll get you involved so their practice can be continued at home.


11:15 am
Preschoolers aged 4-5
3:45 pm
Students in Kindy & Year 1

Social detectives - ages 6-8

In these interactive, fun sessions, your ‘social detective’ has to use clues and their 5 senses to figure out what to predict in a social situation. Your detective has to guess what their peers are communicating by their words and actions to improve their social understanding.


3:30 pm
Students in Years 2 to 4
12:45 pm
Students in Years 2 to 4

Social superheroes - ages 9-12

Using the ‘secret superhero’ that lives within them, our ‘super-flexible’ group members learn to use their brains to overcome the powers of the ‘Unthinkables’ – a group of tricky social behaviours that can get in the way of friendships if they take over. These sessions help your child to process social information and behave in expected ways.


3:45 pm
Students in Years 5 & 6

Fostering friendships, building confidence, thriving.

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