5 ways to help your child thrive at school in Term 2

  Term 2 is the time when school really gets serious for many teachers and their students. The getting to know you phase of Term 1 is over, learning has well and truly begun and this term, reports will be on their way home too. So, how can you help your child to thrive in […]

Free Event: How to Help Your Child Make and Keep Friends

Does your child: Have trouble fitting in with other kids? Struggle to meet like-minded mates? Feel excluded by friendship groups Miss the social cues that other children send? Find it hard to compromise or follow the rules of games? Feel lonely after starting at a new school? Have conflict with peers because of their need […]

Kids and the cricket scandal: There’s more to talk about than just being a bad sport

  A leading parenting expert and teacher has said that the scandal currently engulfing the Australian cricket team is about more than sportsmanship and fair play. Sonja Walker is an author and the founder of award-winning children’s health practice, Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney. A qualified teacher for more than 30 years, Sonja has […]

Fussy eaters: The verdict on food pouches is in

  Food pouches are one of the latest trends in feeding hungry kids and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. But speech pathologists at Kids First have issued a warning to parents about the impact that food pouches can have on children’s feeding skills and the dangers they pose to children who […]

Free Checklist: Fine Motor Skills Milestones for Preschoolers

  Children use their fine motor skills in every aspect of their daily lives, and as your preschooler learns to be independent, he or she will need well-developed fine motor skills in order to participate successfully in play, learning and self-care activities. Below are some of the typical developmental milestones that pre-schoolers reach as they […]

Fussy eaters: 3 Mealtime Myths Busted

  You know your son or daughter has had very little to eat during the day, but despite your best efforts to prepare a yummy meal, they refuse point blank to eat it. You’ve tried everything…reasons, rewards and even the occasional threat, but nothing you do or say will convince your fussy eater to try […]

3 benefits that OC Classes offer bright kids

  If you have a gifted or academically talented primary schooler, it can sometimes be hard to meet their learning needs and interests in a mainstream classroom. However, if you live in NSW you are in luck, because your child may have access to an Opportunity Class, often known as an OC class, which could […]