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Designed for children in years 7 through 12, the Kids First science and maths tuition services help kids understand complex ideas in a no-pressure, relaxed environment.

At Kids First, our ‘whole child’ approach to supporting kids and families is very different to a ‘coaching college’.

Our teachers work alongside child psychologists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists, so while we’re serious about helping kids get better results at school, we firmly believe in building their confidence by making tutoring enjoyable too.

That’s why you won’t find a ‘one size fits all’ approach to tuition at Kids First.

Our team of friendly teachers have been working at Kids First for many years, getting to know their students and genuinely caring about them.

You can feel confident that your child’s experience with us will be consistent and pressure-free.

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We’re here to support you and your child through the ups and downs of school life.

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