School Holiday Programs

Are you looking for an alternative to Vacation Care for your child in the upcoming school holidays?

Would your son or daughter benefit from a fun, but sensitive, program of active learning that builds real-life social and practical skills?

Kids First’s experienced team of child psychologists, speech therapists, teachers and OTs offer supported school holiday workshops that help kids to reach their goals and share social experiences with like-minded peers.

School holiday activities: January 2021

In January 2021, Kids First’s team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists and teachers will be leading school holiday workshops with a difference!

Our two and three hour long programs offer valuable opportunities to build confidence while learning and practicing skills that children need to succeed in their classroom, playground and life.

Group sizes are limited. Please see the booking form at the bottom of this page for dates and times.

Monday 11 January 2021
Our day will begin with active games to get our bodies and brains in sync! Get ready to get regulated with Laura and the OT team before jumping into super science experiments with speech therapists Michael and Texon. Sensational Science offers school holiday fun with a therapeutic focus on skills like:

– Sensory regulation– Core strength– Comprehension
– Social skills– Following instructions– Expressive language
– Bilateral coordination– Flexible thinking– Making predictions
– Balance– Problem solving– Making a plan

Thursday 18 January 2021
Our awesome OTs are ready to rock with ripper regulation and funky fine motor games to get your child in the groove for this morning of cool construction activities. Speech therapists Michael and Texon will join the fun, supporting your child with creative construction activities that build confidence. Mighty Makers is 3-hour skills-based program that zeroes in on skills like:

– Emotional regulation– Creative thinking – Listening
– Fine motor precision– Following procedures– Expressive language
– Visual perception– Making hypotheses– Resilience
– Postural strength– Social skills– Independence

Monday 18 January 2021
Obstacle courses, bubble monsters and other action-packed activities with Laura and the OT team will ensure that our ‘Fantastic Flight Engineers’ will be ready to make the most of their thinking and creative skills. Speech therapists Michael and Texon also have lots of tricks up their sleeves for building prize-winning paper planes! Fantastic Flight focuses on building children’s confidence, creativity, and collaborative skills, as well as supporting their:

– Social interaction skills– Hand eye coordination– Receptive language
– Manual dexterity– Self esteem– Spatial reasoning
– Core strength– Midline crossing– Processing speed
– Flexible thinking– Social language– Turn taking

Friday 22 January 2021
Get ready for a terrific day of fun, friendship and team activities as our occupational therapists, teachers and speech pathologists officiate at Kids First’s inaugural Wacky Racers Challenge. We’ll combine regulating games that get us ready for action, with highly creative thinking as our teams build and decorate their box cars. Who will run the fastest time in our Wacky Racer Team Relay? Wacky Racers is sure to have its hilarious moments, but while the children are laughing, they will also be developing skills in:

– Listening– Empathy– Winning and Losing
– Problem solving– Teamwork– Collaboration
– Fine motor control– Conflict resolution– Planning
– Conversation– Compromising– Gross motor

Tuesday 12 January – Friday 15 2021
Tuesday 19 January – Friday 22 2021

With ‘big school’ just weeks away, Ready Set School is an excellent way to prepare your school starter for a confident first term in Kindergarten. Led by Early Learning Support Specialist, Kirsty Gale across 4 consecutive mornings of school readiness fun, your child will receive positive encouragement as they get into the routine of daily learning and become familiar with the conventions of the classroom. Ready Set School runs for two hours from 9.30am to 11.30am and builds skills in:  

– Fine motor coordination– Following instructions– Winning & Losing
– Phonological awareness– Early numeracy– Comprehension
– Social language– Transitions– Turn taking
– Self-reliance– Focus & concentration– Resilience

Cost & Conditions

  • Cost per Kids First Workshop (3 hours) $149
  • Cost per Ready Set School Series (4 days x 2 hours) $495
  • Non-refundable administration fee paid at the time of enrolment $100
  • If your child has not attended Kids First in the past 6 months, he/she will be required to attend an introductory skills session with one of our OTs, speech therapists or teachers to ensure that our small group programs will meet their needs