Ready to Write: Pre-Writing & Fine Motor Skills groups for preschoolers

Ready to Write is fun and practical fine motor and coordination skills program for preschool children in the year before school.

Ready to Write is a fine motor & occupational therapy group that supports preschoolers in Sydney's northern beaches

Why are Pre-Writing & Fine Motor Skills important?

Fine motor skills are very important to children’s later success at school!

Fine motor skills not only affect your child’s fingers, but they also contribute to the way your child’s eyes work…and that means that being a good writer can also help your child become a good reader.

Studies show that there is a strong link between handwriting, memory and children’s educational development.

Put simply, studies tell us that children who are able to manage the physical demands of school often learn more easily.

By ensuring that your child has the skills needed to learn to write, create and play confidently, you are giving your child the opportunity to achieve to their potential from day one of Kindy.

The value of experience

Each week at Ready to Write, your child will be guided by Katrina Grimes, an Occupational Therapist with more than 20 years’ experience working in schools and private practice.

Katrina has supported hundreds of children as they have become confident young learners, and as an occupational therapist, is uniquely qualified to identify any ‘red flags’ that might hinder your child’s chances of future success.

In highly engaging 45 minute sessions, Katrina will help your child to develop the foundation skills your child needs to write, learn and play well at school.

What happens at a Ready to Write session?

Learning how to learn in the company of other kids is part of preparing for school.

At Ready to Write, your child will join with up to four other children as they participate in games, puzzles, craft and other activities that will equip your child to:

  • Develop a confident and efficient pencil grip
  • Learn independence and self-care skills
  • Strengthen visual memory skills needed for learning and remembering
  • Consolidate understanding of numbers, sounds and letters
  • Build coordination skills
  • Follow instructions
  • Improve balance and play skills
  • Become confident using scissors, glue and other tools used in Kindergarten

When can my child come to Ready to Write?

Ready to Write runs on Tuesday mornings at Kids First Children’s Service in Brookvale.

Classes run in blocks of 12 lessons and a maximum of five children are in a group.


Ready to Write is an easy and affordable way to support your child’s school readiness.

As Ready to Write groups are led by a qualified occupational therapist, your child may be eligible for health fund or Medicare rebates. (Please check with your family doctor or health fund for the specifics of your policy)

Ready to Enroll?

Ready to Write is a popular program and places are limited.

Contact Kids First Children’s Services on (02) 9938 5419 to find out about this innovative program and Kids First’s other occupational therapy services for northern beaches children

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