Public schools in NSW: How to find your local school

If you’re wondering what local school your child is entitled to enroll in, this quick explanation and summary from Educational & Developmental Psychologists at Kids First in Sydney’s northern beaches will help.

What public school can my child enrol in

Confused by enrolment rules in NSW schools?

Perhaps you live within close proximity of two schools and are not quite sure which one is your child’s local school.

Perhaps you are thinking of moving into a new area and want to know what schools your child would have available to them?

Hopefully this information will help!

Where is your child’s local school?

Every public school in NSW has a defined local enrollment area.

This means that children whose primary carer lives in that area have priority enrollment rights in that school.

The Department of Education and Communities uses your permanent residential address as the basis for the local public school to which you child is allocated.

Every public school reserves enough places within their school for students in their local enrollment area.

Out-of-area schools

You can apply to enroll your child at a school that is outside your local enrollment area, however it’s important to understand that your child’s chances of being accepted are dependent on many factors.

The Department of Education & Communities has a number of selection criteria that may affect your child’s application, such as the availability of appropriate staff and classroom accommodation.

As a non-local applicant, your child’s case may be considered on its merits by the school’s enrollment panel, according to the department’s policy.

Each school has its own out-of-area selection criteria, so it is best to make contact with the school of your choice early in the year prior to your child’s enrollment so that you have current information that will help you to make an informed decision.

On-line school locator

Each public school has defined boundaries and they are outlined here in this handy DEC School Locator.

Click here to find out which school is your local public school.

Need advice about choosing a school for your child?

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