New Client Offer


GAP FREE speech therapy and occupational therapy screenings at Kids First Chilldren's Services
New to Kids First Children’s Services? 

Chances are you’re here because you’re concerned about your child.

Perhaps you’ve realised that your child is struggling and you want to take action QUICKLY before this problem develops into something more serious …


Your child has an ongoing issue that hasn’t been resolved and you want to get on top of it permanently…


You’re concerned about a problem developing and you want to get it sorted before it affects your child’s learning, friendships and quality of life

No matter the reason for this visit to our website, you and your child are very welcome because at Kids First Children’s Services, we’re here to help.

Gap free first speech therapy or occupational therapy appointment at Kids First Children's ServicesGAP FREE first appointment offer

Kids First’s experienced team of speech pathologists and occupational therapists has helped hundreds of northern beaches kids to overcome their challenges.

When you take advantage of this new client GAP FREE offer, we can give you the advice you need to make informed choices for your child.

Take this offer if:

  • Your child’s talking and listening skills are not developing as well as other children their age
  • Your child is mispronouncing sounds or words that other kids their age can say
  • Teachers have mentioned that your child is struggling to make social connections with other children
  • Your child finds it hard to understand, remember and follow instructions
  • Your child has a stutter, lisp or other speech issue that’s impacting on their confidence
  • Your child’s speech is unclear and other kids and adults find it hard to understand
  • Your child has reading or spelling problems that just aren’t improving at school
  • Holding a pencil and handwriting is difficult for your child
  • Your child struggles with (or avoids!) drawing, cutting and self-care tasks
  • Walking, running, climbing or catching a ball like other kids is a challenge
  • Frequent tantrums and meltdowns interrupt your child’s learning & social success
  • Fussy eating makes mealtimes stressful for you and your child

Please don’t wait! This opportunity to get professional advice could give you peace of mind!

Get GAP FREE advice now!

Kids First Children’s Services is committed to supporting local families…

That’s why we’d like to offer you a GAP FREE consultation with one of our experienced, paediatric Speech Pathologists or Occupational Therapists.

This private, one to one session could help you with advice and give you peace of mind.

How does the GAP FREE offer work?

If your health fund covers your child for speech therapy or OT, just bring your membership card to your child’s first appointment at Kids First.

We’ll swipe your membership card, accept whatever your health fund pays us….and if there’s a balance to pay, we’ll cover it for you.

This means that you can get advice and support for your child NOW and there will be absolutely no cost to you

No health fund cover?

That’s OK! We’d be delighted to offer you this private service for a discounted price of $69 (saving you $42)


With an offer this generous, we hope you understand the need for some Conditions

  • This offer is for clients who are new to Kids First Children’s Services
  • To be eligible for a GAP FREE first appointment, your health fund policy must cover speech or OT
  • To receive this GAP FREE offer, you must request it at the time of your booking
  • This offer is for a 40 minute consultation only and does not include a written report
  • GAP FREE Screenings are available Monday to Friday only
  • Cancellation fees apply to appointments changed within 24 business hours of the scheduled appointment

How to get your GAP FREE appointment

Simply click on the image below and fill in our Gap Free Screening request form. A member of our friendly team will call to arrange a time for you to visit us at Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale.

Find out more about Gap Free Screenings here

We also offer FREE 30 minute Maths Skills Screenings for primary school aged children. Learn more here..