Lincoln Comans – Psychologist

Lincoln Comans – Psychologist


Lincoln has supported hundreds of children during his career and his work as a school counsellor in primary and high schools uniquely positions him to provide advice and guidance to families about children’s learning and behaviour.

Lincoln is well-known for his innovative use of Animal Assisted Interventions and his trusty companion, Brando the Therapy Dog, is a popular member of Kids First’s clinical team.

Lincoln often finds that Brando’s calming presence offers support to children who find it hard to talk about problems such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, family dysfunction and low self-esteem.

Lincoln works closely with children and families to provide effective strategies for dealing with issues such as bullying and playground conflict.

In addition to individual and family counselling that supports children and teens, Lincoln supports parents and carers with behaviour management and provides guidance during periods of grief and loss, separation and stress.

Lincoln has extensive experience with children who have additional needs and helps families to develop positive working relationships with teachers in schools and preschools.

Lincoln also conducts formal Psychometric and Educational Assessments that can confirm if a child is Gifted, identify children’s Specific Learning Difficulties or determine a child’s learning and academic potential (IQ).

At Kids First, Lincoln offers both individual and small group therapy services. In 2019, he will coordinate our popular Courageous Kids small group program for anxious children aged 6-12.

He combines his work in NSW Department of Education schools with his role in Kids First’s private practice team. Lincoln’s services are eligible for health fund rebates and he also provides support under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

Lincoln (and Brando) work on Thursdays and Saturdays at Kids First.

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