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Children with unique learning or developmental needs often struggle with things like taking turns, sharing, listening, and solving problems with their peers.

In the playground, this means that children with social communication difficulties can be a bit controlling, or even play on their own.

If your child would benefit from learning how to interact with others, listen and work together through collaborative play, Kids First’s LEGO® Therapy groups could be a fantastic supplement to individual therapy sessions.


Our LEGO® Therapy groups increase children’s social confidence with therapy-based activities that are fun too. Providing opportunities for exploring and developing kids’ social, conversation, and teamwork skills, LEGO® Therapy is a therapy that’s cleverly disguised as fun.

At LEGO® Therapy, your child will be given support to:

Be part of a team
Practice social skills
Learn to compromise
Follow Instructions
Build sharing skills
Improve listening skills

Using play and kids’ interests to add an extra layer of therapy support.

Kids First’s LEGO® Therapy groups have been developed by our innovative speech pathologists. Playing with LEGO® is naturally motivating for many children, and we use this enthusiasm to help kids practice and improve their social communication skills.

Across weekly play-based sessions, your child will not only have creative fun, but also learn and practice the important social, communication, fine motor, and collaborative skills they need to succeed at preschool and school.


During each session, participants are allocated one of four ‘roles’ and are supported as they work together to achieve their common goal. Every project will need a ‘Foreman’, ‘Planner’, ‘Supplier’ and ‘Builder’ and as each child takes turns playing these roles, they learn and practice their listening and cooperation skills.

Each Kids First LEGO® Therapy group is limited to 4 children to ensure every child receives focused, one-on-one support and the chance to play every role.

Is a LEGO® Therapy group right for your child?

Every child has different needs.
That’s why we take you through our 4-step process to help you decide what support would make the most difference to your child right now.


If your child is not an existing Kids First Client and you're interested in LEGO® Therapy, you’ll first attend a consultation with one of our Speech Pathologists to ensure that this program is the right clinical option for your child.


You’ll be given a chance to share your child’s challenges in a confidential setting to show us the ‘big picture’ of how your child is getting on at home, pre-school. or school.


We’ll learn more about how social and communication issues are affecting your child and the impact it’s having on their happiness, friendships, and participation in daily life


Our Speech Pathologist will help you make an informed decision for your child, whether that’s LEGO® Therapy or an alternative treatment that may be a better option right now.

LEGO® Therapy group timetable 2022

Our LEGO® Therapy groups take place in a child-friendly setting at the Kids First centre based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We offer a junior group for children aged 3 to 4, an intermediate group for preschoolers aged 4 to 5, and a senior group for children in Kindergarten and Year 1.

Each junior and intermediate series of LEGO® Therapy runs for 5 weeks and your child is welcome to participate in more than one series, as the activities vary from group to group. Senior LEGO® Therapy groups run for the school term for between 8 and 10 weeks.

As capacity is limited to 4 children in each group, we strongly recommend booking early.

Timetable for Term 3 in 2022 below:

3:30 pm
Primary schoolers in Kindy & Year 1
10:15 am
Pre-schoolers aged 3 to 4
11:15 am
Pre-schoolers aged 4 to 5 (Starting school next year)

Eligibility for Medicare and NDIS

Our LEGO® Therapy groups are coordinated by qualified Speech Pathologists who have extensive experience supporting children with additional communication and social needs.

Children with an NDIS plan may use their NDIS funding for this program; however, please note that our LEGO® CLUB program is not eligible for Medicare plan rebates.

Please check with your private health fund to determine if your policy covers small group speech pathology programs.

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