Kate Kartikeyan – Psychologist

Kate Kartikeyan – Psychologist

Kate is a highly experienced psychologist and fully qualified Special Education teacher. Throughout her long career, she has supported children and families with a variety of needs, helping them to overcome the social and emotional challenges they face in a kind and compassionate way.

Kate’s unique combination of skills gives her a deep understanding of the challenges that children with learning and behavioural differences face in the classroom and playground. Having worked closely with parents and carers for many years, she has vast experience in offering empathetic, yet practical, support to families.

Kate believes firmly in the power of partnerships between parents and professionals and has a particular commitment to supporting families who are facing complex pressures.

She offers calm, kind and common-sense support to parents and carers so that they gain the strategies they need to help their kids.

Kate also works closely with children of all ages to overcome the challenges they experience with issues like anxiety, friendships, changes to family relationships and low confidence.

Kate’s working knowledge of schools, funding models and the support needed in educational settings allows her to offer practical advice to parents who are making important choices about their child’s schooling. Her experience in conducting formal Psychometric and Educational Assessments also enables her to confirm if a child is Gifted or has Specific Learning Difficulties.

Kate’s services are eligible for NDIS and health fund rebates. She also provides support to children and families whose GP has established a Medicare Plan (Better Access to Mental Health Care) on their behalf.

Kate works at Kids First on Saturdays.