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Maybe their laughter isn’t quite as bright, their favourite games seem less exciting, and bedtime stories don’t chase away the shadows under their eyes.

Perhaps they’re drawing away from you, struggling with problems and feelings they can’t share with you.

It can be tough to see your child struggling, but whether your child is a curious little sprout or a blossoming teenager, you’re not alone.

Sometimes even the brightest stars need a little help shining again, and that’s where Kids First’s child psychologists can help.

Here at Kids First, our experienced child psychologists understand the ups and downs of childhood (and adolescence!).

Since 2007, we’ve helped thousands of kids of all ages navigate big emotions, bounce back from challenges, and build the confidence to chase their dreams.

Ready to help your child rediscover their sparkle, no matter their age?

Let’s chat about how our child psychology team can create a safe and supportive space for your child to grow, explore, and thrive!

Seeking help takes courage

We understand that taking this first step can feel overwhelming. That's why we've created a warm and welcoming space where your child will feel safe and supported to explore their experiences and emotions. Kids First is a proudly inclusive practice and your child and family are welcome here.


Has your child's behaviour changed suddenly? They might be acting more defiantly or aggressively than usual. This can be confusing, and we're here to help uncover the reasons behind it.


Is schoolwork becoming a challenge for your child? Maybe their grades are slipping or they seem to have difficulty focusing in class. We can help you to uncover what's affecting their learning and find ways to help them succeed.


Does your child struggle to express their feelings sometimes? Maybe their emotions come out in unexpected ways, like sudden bursts of anger or frustration. We can help them find healthy ways to communicate.


Does your child's anxiety prevent them from enjoying the things that their peers typically take for granted? We can teach them how to navigate their fears and be brave.


Has your child regressed in their development lately? This could look like the return of bedwetting, thumb-sucking or intense separation anxiety. We can support you with strategies so that your child to feels more secure.


Has your child lost interest in the things they used to love? Have they expressed feelings of sadness or hopelessness. We have the experience and training to provide you with practical solutions and caring supoprt.


Does your child complain of unexplained aches and pains? While physical issues are possible, sometimes these can be linked to anxiety or emotional distress, and we have solutions that we can share with you.


Is bullying or fractured friendships a concern for your child? We can help them navigate these situations and build healthy relationships.


Does the world seem like a big, overwhelming place for your child? Maybe they seem constantly on edge or have trouble relaxing and having fun. We can share ways to help them feel safe and secure again.


Is your family going through a time of change, loss or grief? We can stand beside you so that you know what to say so that your kids are okay.


Are you worried about your child taking risks or experimenting with substances? This can be a normal part of adolescence for some, but it can also be a sign they need extra support. We're here to help you understand what's going on.


Do you think that your child might have learning differences? Whether it's Giftedness, Specific Learning Difficulties like Dyslexia or executive functioning challenges like ADHD, we can help with assessments to identify the strategies that will work best for your child in the classroom.

Don't wait to secure your child's future happiness.

Remember: Every child is unique, and this list is not exhaustive.

If any of these signs resonate with you or you have concerns about your child’s emotional or behavioural well-being, Kids First is here for you.

Our accomplished multi-disciplinary team believes every child deserves to feel happy, confident, and capable.

Our child psychologists see children who have Medicare plans and private health fund memberships.

We are also delighted to support children who have self or plan managed NDIS funding.

Don’t wait – take the first step towards a brighter future for your child.

Kids First’s experienced child psychologists are here to help your child, or a child you care about.

Call us at (02) 9938 5419 or click the button below to get started.

Together, we can make a difference.


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We also help kids who struggle with:

Family Conflict 7 sibling Rivalry
School Refusal
Anger Management
Bullying (as a bully or target)
Specific phobias
Difficulty Understanding Social Cues
Stress Management
Perfectionism and much more ...

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