How to help your child make a successful start to school next year

Kids FIrst Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches is presenting a free school readiness seminar for parents of children starting school in 2018

Is your child ready to make a happy, confident start to ‘big school’ next year?

Going to school is a big step for little kids, and there are many skills that they need to have mastered in order to make the best possible start to Kindergarten.

Although your son or daughter may be old enough to begin school in 2018, you might be wondering whether he or she is really ready to cope with the demands of formal schools next year.

On Tuesday 13 June, you’ll meet 4 experts in children’s learning, development and school readiness

With valuable information, tips and take home resources to share, they’ll explain what your child needs to know and do before school begins.

This free Kids First’s Community Service Seminar is one of the most popular events in our annual calendar!

Our presenters (see below) are all independent professionals in their fields, and will empower you to make informed decisions about your child’s future.


Linda Gilford Child Psychologist Sydney's northern beachesLinda Gilford
Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Linda’s career as a psychologist in NSW Department of Education schools has given her a thorough understanding of the skills children need to start school successfully. In addition to being a highly respected psychologist, Linda is also a qualified teacher, and at this event, she will share valuable tips and resources to help you prepare your child for the social and emotional demands of Kindergarten.

Jolin Edmondson Speech Pathologist at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches Jolin Edmondson
Speech Pathologist

Your child’s communiccation skills will form the foundation of their social and academic success. Speech Pathologist Jolin Edmondson knows exactly how to help children learn to speak, listen and learn with confidence. At this seminar, she will give you lots of advice that you can use at home to build your child’s skills so that reading and writing will come easily to them at school.

Sarah Conroy Children's Occupational Therapist at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beachesSarah Conroy
Occupational Therapist

Prior to gaining her Masters’ Degree in Occupational Therapy, Sarah spent 5 years as a teacher in a northern Sydney school. Sarah’s unique combination of clinical and educational skills mean that she has a wealth of knowledge to share. At this event, she will provide you with practical ideas for preparing your child for success in the classroom and playground.

Sonja Walker
Teacher & Kids First Director

Sonja is a sought after school readiness specialist who is well known for her commonsense approach to supporting children as they transition to school. Sonja is an engaging speaker, and at this event, you’ll benefit from her 30 years of  experience supporting children, parents and families.

Who is this event for?

How to help your child make a successful start to school next year is relevant for parents of children aged 4 – 5. Early educators, preschool staff, teachers and other professionals who work with young children are also most welcome to attend.

Event Details

Date:        Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Time:        7.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue:     The Chairman’s Lounge, Brookvale Oval

The Chairman’s Lounge is located in the Ken Arthurson stand on the first floor of the Brookvale Oval stadium complex. Entry is via the stairs near the main gate located on Alfred Street, Brookvale. Parking is available in the Brookvale Oval complex and in neighbouring streets.

Your respect for our cancellation policy (detailed below) is appreciated


Free places at Kids First Community Service Seminars are reserved on a first-come, first served basis and due to the heavy expected demand for this event, bookings are essential.

This will be the only presentation of this seminar for 2017.

Cancellation Policy

If you book a place and fail to attend this event, another family may miss out on the opportunity to participate. Should your plans change, please inform us of your change of circumstances at least 24 hours prior to the event. Kids First reserves the right to wait-list guests who have held bookings for free Community Service Seminars in the past and have, without notice, failed to attend.

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