Helpful maths websites

Wish you had a Maths tutor to refer to at home during your child’s homework time?

Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney’s northern beaches offers Maths tuition that’s taught exclusively by qualified teachers.

Here, they share some of their favourite Maths websites that are full of tips and ideas for you to use at home with your child.

Maths homeowrk

A list of Helpful Maths Websites from maths tutors at Kids First Children's Services

Where can I get help for my child?

If your child struggles with Maths, Kids First can help with personal, professional Maths tutoring that works.

Our qualified primary and high school teachers have years of experience in NSW classrooms and know how to explain complicated Maths ideas so that children build confidence and confidence.

Kids First offers private and small group Maths tutoring to children to primary and high schools in Sydney’s northern beaches

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