Helen Wood – Child & Family Clinician

Helen Wood – Child & Family Clinician

Helen brings broad experience in health and social welfare to her role as a Child and Family Clinician at Kids First.

She has a strong professional interest in the mental health behaviour support and emotional resilience of young people and their families and has training to support children who have experienced trauma and who struggle with challenges such as anxiety, ADHD and autism.

Helen is a warm, experienced and mature clinician and takes extra time to get to know families and their children. 

She enjoys working with young people and their families find practical solutions to the problems they may be facing and Kids First’s families find her to be creative, engaging and authentic. 

In addition to assessments and individual therapy for children and families, Helen leads Kids First’s evidence-based Cool Kids groups for anxious children aged 7 to 12 and Social Skills groups for children with unique needs.

As a mental health professional who is in the final stage of her six-year psychology degree, Helen is a provisional psychologist and is therefore accredited by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).  

She is available at Kids First Children’s Services on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

As psychological support and counselling is an essential service during periods of lockdown restrictions, Helen is providing clients with the option of tele-health or safely modified face-to-face apppointments.

Places are limited and fill quickly. Contact Kids First on 9938 5419 to reserve a session for your family.

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