Happy Kids Happy Families: Tools to keep your kids safe online

Today’s children, whether we like it or not, are digital natives.

Right now, and in the years to come, your children will be learning, interacting, and communicating in an online world.  

As adults, we know that digital technology offers lots of positives to kids, however, just like in the face-to-face world, children need to learn how to make sensible choices and be ‘digitally resilient’.

If protecting your children’s privacy and developing their understanding of how to use the internet wisely is important to you, we hope that these resources, compiled by the Kids First Children’s Services team, will prove helpful.

Child psychologists from Kids First recommend resources to help you keep your  kids safe online

eSafety Commission

The eSafety Commission has been established to give all Australians the opportunity to have safe, positive online experiences. It contains hundreds of helpful resources and the links below will take you to some of its most useful tools.

Happy Kids Happy Families: Helping your kids to stay safe online

Research findings

Australian studies are starting to gain helpful insights into the impact of digital technology on children and families.

How to keep kids safe online
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Ways to set digital ground rules for your children

Android: Family Link (Google)

Family Link by Google can help you better understand how your younger or older children explore online, as well as help manage their accounts and compatible devices. You can set boundaries that work for your children by managing apps, keeping an eye on screen time, setting a bedtime for your child‘s device and more.

IOS: Parental Controls for iphones, ipads and IPod (Apple)

iPads and some iPhones contain customizable parental controls that let you disable features like FaceTime, iMessage and in-app purchases to protect your children’s privacy. You can also regulate certain features, such as limiting the websites your children are able to visit using the Safari browser or restricting downloads from the App Store to age-appropriate apps and entertainment content.

Concerned about your children’s use of screens?

If you have concerns about your child’s use of digital devices or feel that their exposure to digital media is affecting their well-being and ability to participate successfully in the activities that other children their age typically enjoy, you may wish to seek professional advice.

A psychologist with training and experience in supporting children’s behaviour and emotions may be able to help with perspectives and strategies that you and your child have not tried yet.

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