Happy Kids Happy Families: Helpful books for parents and teachers

The environment in which you raise your children will be the foundation of their lives.

While no family is perfect, the values you have, models you set and strategies you use at home will be key factors in setting your children up for happy, healthy and resilient futures.

We hope that these resources, compiled by the team at Kids First Children’s Services, will prove helpful for you now and in the years to come.

Resources for parents and teachers to help build kids' resilience from the Kids First Children's Services' team in Sydney's northern beaches

Books for parents

Resources to help your children become more resilient

Books for children

  • Big life Journal for Kids Aged 7 -10
  •  Big life Journal for Teens (ages 11+)
  • The Everyday Resilience Journal: A pre-teens guide to friendships, schoolwork and growing up! By Michelle Mitchell
The Kids First team helps children to learn how to be more resilient

Concerned about your child’s resilience?

Kids First Children’s Services offers a range of individual and small group programs that support children’s problem solving, social and resilience skills. Contact us on 9938 5419 to find out about:

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