Growing Up Strong: How to Raise Resilient, Independent 2-3 year olds

Imagine your early education centre. It’s a vibrant hub of curiosity and energy, filled with little learners eager to explore the world. Yet, beneath the smiles, some parents might be feeling a pang of concern. Are their toddlers reaching developmental milestones? How can they navigate the sometimes-turbulent world of tantrums and meltdowns? Educators, too, might face challenges in supporting these energetic bundles of joy, while ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive.

Growing Up Strong: How to help parents of 2-3 year olds raise resilient, independent children

Children with challenging behaviours

The toddler years are a whirlwind of growth, with each child developing at their own pace. However, parents might have specific concerns about their child’s social development, communication skills, or ability to manage emotions. Educators, on the other hand, might have observations about a child’s behaviour in a group setting that raise some concerns, but they might struggle to communicate those effectively to parents/carers. This lack of clear communication can sometimes create a sense of frustration on both sides.

What can happen if these are not addressed?

Unaddressed developmental delays, or a disconnect between parents and educators, can hinder a child’s long-term success. For parents, this might mean that life at home becomes increasingly difficult for their strong-willed child and family. For educators, it might mean struggling to guide a child who lacks the necessary social or emotional skills to thrive in a group setting. For the child, this could end up in fractured friendships and frustration when their needs are not being met.

Building a Stronger Foundation: Growing Up Strong

This is where Kids First Children’s Services steps in as your trusted partner in early childhood education. We’re thrilled to bring you Sonja Walker, a respected author and early childhood expert, for an exclusive parent workshop. Recognised for her service to the community by the NSW State Government with the prestigious 2024 Local Woman of the Year award, Sonja brings a wealth of experience to the table. Over her impressive 35-year career, she has delivered programs to thousands of parents and educators, solidifying her reputation as a respected parenting educator and best-selling author.

Sonja Walker - Parent Educator, Speaker, Author, Local Woman of the Year (2024) Founder Kids First Children's Services

Sonja’s Practical Solutions

Sonja’s secret? A commonsense approach that resonates with families. She understands the daily challenges parents face and offers easy, affordable, and practical solutions to common child behaviour concerns. Her workshops are renowned for being not only informative but also engaging, equipping parents with the tools they need to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for their toddlers.

Imagine the benefits: Your families will learn from Sonja how to create consistent routines, set clear boundaries, and establish positive parenting practices. This, in turn, will not only strengthen their bonds with their children but also build a foundation for their future social and learning success. Your team will also benefit from the insights they gain, and this will give your educators and families the chance to work in partnership to help the kids in your care to thrive and not just ‘cope’.

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Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from a renowned expert! This workshop is designed to empower both parents and educators, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits children’s overall development. Contact Kids First today to reserve your spot and embark on this journey of positive change together. Let’s build a village where every child thrives!

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