Free workshops for parents of children with Autism

Free on-line webinars and workshops for parents of school aged children with Autism are are available for parents of children diagnosed with autism…. so if you have a child aged 5-18 with ASD, consider yourself invited!

Workshops for parents of children's diagnosed with autism

These fantastic programs are run by Positive Partnerships and funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Education.

Why attend an on-line autism workshop?

  • To develop positive relationships with your child’s teacher and school
  •  To receive the most up-to-date information on autism spectrum disorder
  •  To part of a network in your community

What will you gain by attending?

  • A greater understanding of the impact of autism on your child, both at school and at home
  • Knowledge about how to develop effective parent, school and teacher partnerships
  • Specific strategies on how to:
    • advocate for your child
    • support your child’s participation at school
    • develop an awareness of ongoing learning needs
  • Information about your local school system’s processes
  • Opportunities for you to network and share strategies with other parents/carers and local support personnel
  • Access to specific practical strategies around a range of topics relevant to students with an ASD and their families

How it works…

1.Register at Positive Partnerships

2.You will then receive:

  • Access to parent networks, local expertise and information
  • Trained facilitators to guide you through evidence based material
  • Acknowledgement of your experience as a parent / carer of a child on the autism spectrum
  • Access to the Positive Partnerships Online Learning Platform which provides dedicated additional resources



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